Anti Theft Protection for Surfboards from Eckla

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Item no. 74010  Anti-theft-protection for fin boxes
Special antiheft device
For surfboards to be placed into standard fin box. Elegant solution of the problem and demanding very little place, only 20 mm app. With this device the fin can be secured at the same time, as the screw will be covered simultaneously, and the fin can no longer be removed. To be secured by means of a lock or on antitheft steel rope.
Item no. 54000  Anti-theft-protection for fin boxes   stainless steel Antitheft device,
Simple, but very effective, to be placed into the fin box, made of inox stainless steel, in high polish.

Item no. 75230  Anti-theft-protection for US-fin box

Item no. 75430  Anti-theft-protection for Powerbox

  aluminum anodized Anti theft device to secure the fin box.  All aluminium – of a new type, to secure the fin box. Will fit to many types, available in several colors. Diameter for the cable 14 mm.

Diebstahlsicherung 75230 US Fin box

Diebstahlsicherung 75430 Powerbox

ECKLA- Anti-theft-steel-cable
plastic covered steel wire. Diameter 8 mm,  without  Lock
Item no.  78118 1,5 m
Item no.  78110 2,5 m
Item no.  78114 4,0 m
Item no.  78112 6,5 m
Diebstahlsicherungsseil Eckla


Item no. 78130

for Anti-theft-steel-cable   ,  40 mm brass