Eckla App


Eckla app for mobile devices

Discover our new Eckla app for smartphones and tablets, now available free of charge for Android and iOS:

ECKLA GmbH Web App

The new ECKLA app is:

Up-to-date, informative, clear, available online and offline and quickly installed via any browser

Eckla app installation on mobile devices

Browser Google Chrome

1. ECKLA GmbH via Google search or
call it up directly via the link

2. Select Settings in the Chrome browser, then the following menu window opens:

3. In the opened window, select the menu command “Add to start screen” and confirm this in the opened pop-up window using the “Add automatically” button.

4. The created ECKLA app now appears with the Eckla application icon, i.e. as an app symbol on your smartphone display either directly on the start page or under apps. The conversion of the Eckla website into the ECKLA app is now complete.

5. Call up the new Eckla app by tapping the Eckla app icon, the splash screen with the Eckla logo appears as an intro.

6. The splash screen then automatically switches to the application screen, which you can use to see all the content of the Eckla website as usual and call it up via the navigation menu in the header or footer.

Browser Firefox

1. Call up the settings in the current Firefox browser. A menu window opens in which the menu command “Add to start screen” must be selected.

2. The “Add to start screen” pop-up window then opens, which you confirm with the “Add” button.

3. Another pop-up window “Add to start screen” opens. Here you just have to select the “Add automatically” button and the installation of the ECKLA app in Firefox is complete.

4. The ECKLA app now appears on your smartphone display either on the start page or under Apps, depending on the selection.