Eckla Atlantic



The ECKLA-ATLANTIC Sea-kayak cart with support

ECKLA-ATLANTIC 200 with support

Sea-kayak cart

Designed especially for the transport of sea kayaks when ashore. The solid construction of high quality aluminum tube will stay rustproof even when exposed to sea water. The cart can be folded, the pneumatic wheels easily taken off, and stowed away space saving below deck, through deck hatch ø 190 mm.

Item no. 78956 with pneumatic wheel 200 mm
weight  1,8 kg

Item no. 79915 with puncture proof Wheels 200mm
Dimensions unfolded: 53x27x25cm
weight  1,4 kg
loading capacity app. 40 kg

78956 Atlantic 200 (2014)klein WZ

ECKLA-Atlantic "colored" with white coating

Item no. 79925 with pneumatic wheel 200 mm

Item no. 79923 with puncture proof Wheels 200mm

79925 Atlantic 200 gelbe R. (2014)klein WZ

ECKLA-ATLANTIC 260 with support       Sea-kayak cart

just the same as above but alternativ with bigger pneumatic wheels with diameter 260 mm.

With roller bearing

Item no. 78957 with pneumatic wheel 260 mm
weight  3,8 kg

Item no. 79916 with punture proof wheels 260mm
Dimensions unfolded: 58x26x29cm
weight  3,0 kg
Loading capacity app. 40 kg

79926 Atlantic 260 (2014)klein WZ

ECKLA-Atlantic "colored" with white coating

Item no. 79926 with pneumatic wheel 260 mm

Item no. 79924 with puncture proof Wheels 260mm

79926 Atlantic 260 (2014)klein WZ

The puncture proof wheel

PU Rad mit Nagel klein