Eckla Beach Rolly Accessoires


Sunroof  for  the   ECKLA-BEACH-ROLLY  with Windbreak
Item No. 77723 color blue

only Windbreak and neck protection
Item No. 55514 color blue

Sunroof  for  the ECKLA BEACH-ROLLY  with Windbreak
Item No. 77729   color olivgreen

only Windbreak and neck protection
Item No. 55513 color olivgreen

Neckrest color blue  
Item No. 77725

Neckrest color olivgreen  
Item No. 77706

Cargo Net for  ECKLA BEACH-ROLLY  elastic   Item No. 77746

color black with 10 fixing hooks

Gepäcknetz für Beach Rolly 77746

Loading bar for  ECKLA BEACH-ROLLY    foldable    
Item No. 77747
Item No. 77754 blue

77747 ausgeklappt

Twin tires for ECKLA BEACH ROLLY®

Item No. 07196

Whether on the beach or on the lawn twice tires ensures a smooth running.

Delivery only axle with 2 wheels. The other 2 wheels use of your Rolly.

Beach Zwillingsbereifung
Bottle holder with velcro fastener      
Item No. 77749   color blue  
Item No. 77752  color olivgreen

Additional bar for shift point of gravity and horizontal loading  for ECKLA-BEACH-ROLLY
Item No. 77759




Detail  Ladebügel  horizontal klein

11-05-18-048 ECKLA Rolly PackShots

Raincover for ECKLA Beach-Rolly, camoouflage,      Item No. 77767

Reliable protection for your cargo when it rains.

HBN Eckla Beach Roller Raincoat_HB74046

Multiholding bar for ECKLA BEACH ROLLY®        Item No. 77961



The Multi retaining strip keeps your long goods (fishing, tripods, etc.) has a secure grip. Recordings adjustable in width.

Detail Multi Halter

Item No. 77711

Extension for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly handle.

Extend the handle 30cm.

Beach Rolly 77710 mit Griffverlängerungjpg
Spareparts see service.

Spare Seat Cover for  BEACH-ROLLY     blue                Item No. 77713

                                                                blue/green     Item No. 77722

                                                                blue/yellow    Item No 55522

                                                                olive green    Item No. 55554