ECKLA CAMDISK Camerasupport

Item No.: 82000

Eckla Camdisk 4

ECKLA – Camdisk® 

Within nature photography you will soon find that images from a low angle in most cases are much more attractive. With a tripod you can achieve a certain low point usually, but you are not truly mobile with it.

A long walk with a heavy tripod does not always fun, so there is now the new ECKLACAMDISK floor stand, a practical tool for taking pictures from the ground perspective.

The ECKLACAMDISK provides a lightweight, very stable and flexible base for your camera, ideal course for recordings on a sandy bottom.

ECKLACAMDISK is a floor stand, which is ideal for shooting from a very low point or close to the ground. Made of aluminum and with a height of only 38 mm, the ECKLACAMDISK can be attached simply and easily with the supplied carabiner. A handy storage bag is included with the ECKLACAMDISK.

incl. Karabinerhook, 3/8" inclusion Tripod heads,

Diam.:  250mm
high:      38mm
wight:      850gr.

ECKLA Cam disk 1

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