Eckla Canyon

The ECKLA-CANYON Kayak Transport Cart


ECKLA-CANYON    Kayak-cart with support

Item no. 78930 with pneumatic wheels

Item No. 79940 with puncture proof wheels

A proved kayak/canoe cart for easy transport of a boat when ashore. Made of a solid high quality aluminium alloy anodized and of light weight, will not rust. With the practical support, no tipping when loading and unloading. When folded it will need only a less space under deck. The big 260×85 mm pneumatic wheels provide easy transport.


Dimensions unfolded: 68x38x36cm
weight 3,4 kg
Loading capacity app. 80 kg

78930 Canyon 260 (2014)klein WZ

The colored Bootscartserie from Eckla.

Item no. 78937 CANYON 260 "colored" Alu-Axle Pneumatic Wheels

Item no. 78938 CANYON 260 "colored", Alu-Axle, mit puncture proof Wheels

79937 Canyon 260 colored (2014)klein WZ

ECKLA-Canyon with twin wheels 260mm

Item No. 07196 Stainless steel axle with 2 pneumatic wheels to additional your ECKLA Canyon cart.

Canyon mit Zwillingsber. - 359
Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheels.  Art. No.: 07155 Luftpumpge klein 07155
The puncture proof wheel! PU Rad mit Nagel klein