ECKLA-EAGLE Beanbag, Spacer, screws etc.


ECKLA bean bags with inner bag

Eckla beanbags are made of durable, water-repellent and non-slip microfiber.

ECKLA bean bags are equipped with a separate inner bag. By accidentally opening the zipper thus the filling remains in the bean bag and does not accidentally fall out immediately. The inner bag also contains the filling when the outer bag is washed.

ECKLA beanbag is the ideal travel companion, flat foldable.

At the destination it can then be filled with the filling as desired.

For our bean bags we also offer special plastic granulate fillings.

Eckla Foto Bohnensack Gesamt alle

Art. 80006 ECKLA Bean bag “Mini” 15x15x3cm, green,

Art. 80007 ECKLA Bean bag “Maxi” 30x30x4cm, green

Art. 80008 ECKLA Bean bag “EAGLE” 20x20c12cm, green

All bean sacks are without filling, with inner bag.

Art. 80011 ECKLA Filling “Gran” for bean bag “EAGLE”

Art. 80012 ECKLA Filling “Gran” for bean bag “Mini”

Art. 80013 ECKLA Filling “Gran” for bean bag “Maxi”

is especially developed and adjusted for the ECKLA-EAGLE cardoor lens Support. The velcros make it possible to place it precisely on the right spot. The ECKLA-BEANBAG can be filled with the prodcut of your own choice, through the neat and very good closing fillergap. The ECKLA-EAGLE cardoor lens support in combination with this ECKLA-BEANBAG gives you the maximum stability.

Size, 7.8 x 7.8 x 4.7 inch

Eckla Foto Disk 80610-80-mm

ECKLA-Spacer Disk
Ø 80x30mm 3/8 “, black

weight: 160 gr., incl. Stud 3/8″ stainless steel

incl. 1 x 3/8″ Stud.

Item No. 80610

Eckla Foto Disk 80600-50-mm

ECKLA-Spacer Disk
Ø 50x30mm 3/8 “, black

weight: 65 gr., incl. Stud 3/8″ stainless steel

incl. 1 x 3/8″ Stud.

Item No. 80600

Eckla Ersatz foto griffmutter 3-8-zoll

Turning Knob 3/8″ 
Ø app. 2″ (50mm),

Item No. 09363

suitable to the studs below.

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1/4″ Male to 3/8″
Male Adapter,
stainless steel

The 1/4″ tread is app. 1/4″ (7mm) long.

total length 42mm        
Item No. 06316
total length 37mm        
Item No. 06387
total length 32mm        
Item No. 06388

Stud 3/8″, stainless steel

total lenght 1″ (25mm) 
Item No. 06385