ECKLA®-Eagle Camera holder for cars


Eckla Eagle Kamerahalter für Autos Foto
Eckla Eagle Kamerahalter für Autos

ECKLA-EAGLE CAMERA BRACKET is specially designed for the photography of cars and Vehicles developed. The ECKLA-EAGLE CAMERA BRACKET is attached to the door or on the disk. The continuously adjustable items can be adapted to almost any geometry of the car door.
The aluminum / stainless steel construction is ultra-light and stainless.

ECKLA-Eagle Item No. 80000

ECKLA Eagle in Car.

Accessories for ECKLA®-Eagle Camera Holder

The ECKLA-EAGLE Beanbag has been specially developed and adapted for the platform of ECKLA-Eagle. The Velcro straps enable accurate and quick adjustment. The ECKLA-EAGLE beanbag can be filled cleanly and tightly with the filling of your choice. Combined with the ECKLA-EAGLE thus it gives the maximum stability and photo position.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 12 cm

ECKLA® Bean Bag Item No. : 80 005

Suction cup holder for Eckla®-Eagle

Item No. 80020

ECKLA Eagle with ECKLA Beanbag and ECKLAsphere.