ECKLA Eagle Camera holder for cars

Item No.: 80000

Eckla Eagle Kamerahalter

ECKLA EAGLE CAMERA BRACKET is specially designed for the photography of cars and Vehicles developed. The ECKLA EAGLE CAMERA BRACKET is attached to the door or on the disk. The continuously adjustable items can be adapted to almost any geometry of the car door.
The aluminum / stainless steel construction is ultra-light and stainless.

3/8" Screw Levelling eye  
     Grip screws for easy handling  

Accessories for ECKLA Eagle Camera Holder

The ECKLA EAGLE Bohnensack Article no. 80 005 has been specially developed and adapted for the platform of ECKLA Eagle. The Velcro straps enable accurate and quick adjustment. The ECKLA EAGLE beanbag can be filled cleanly and tightly with the filling of your choice. Combined with the ECKLA EAGLE thus it gives the maximum stability and photo position.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 12 cm


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