Eckla-Grizzly rear bicycle car rack


The Eckla-Grizzly is a stable rear aluminum support for many types of vehicles (limousines, sedan, station wagons and convertibles). – Perfect fit by placing the carrier on the rear bumper and lock with 6 belts in the vehicle. – Optimal load distribution during transport – Easy to assemble without tools on the vehicle – easy loading and unloading of bikes at the rear of the vehicle – Very high transport safety – Lower fuel consumption compared to roof transport – The Grizzly can be folded to save space – default for 2 bikes Item No. 77780

ECKLA rear carrier vehicle list
You can find compatible vehicles by car brand, type, type or year of construction in the ECKLA rear carrier vehicle list.

Eckla-Grizzly 4×4 for SUVs  Item No. 77790

for attachment to external spare wheel

Bike carriers for mounting on the spare wheel (SUVs).
For spare tire widths 195-245 mm. Wider tire sizes on request.

Accessories for Eckla-Grizzly

Item No. 77782 Extension set for 3rd bicycle

Item No. 77783  Handle screw Grizzly, lockable

Item No. 78211  attachment strap 50 cm (1x per bike) 50 cm

Special hooks for ECKLA-Porty and Grizzly

Item No. 78430 Italy and Spain-warning sign for overhanging loads.

prescribed for the transport in Italy or Spain.

Item No. 78412 Spain-warning sign for overhanging loads

prescribed for the transport in Spain

Eckla Kajak-Diebstahlsicherungsseil 78110 2008s

ECKLA- THEFT safety rope

Plastic coated steel cable secures canoes and kayaks against theft.

Diameter 8 mm, without lock

Item No. 78118  1,5 m

Item No. 78110  2,5 m

Item No. 78114   4,0 m

Item No. 781126  5 m



Item No. 78130 Padlock

Security keylock ropes, 40mm brass

Item No. 46010 ECKLA lashing 3 m long

For secure attachment of your cargo on the roof rack .25 mm x 3 m long.

Item No. 47010 ECKLA lashing 4.5m

For secure attachment of your cargo on the roof rack 25 mm x 3 m long.

Tensile strength 250 kg.

Made of UV-stabilized polypropylene.