ECKLA Handcarts – Accessoires



for the “EASY” Trailer
Item-No. 77813 red uni
Item-No. 77823 red,
western wagon

for the “Long” Trailer
Item-No. 77814 red uni
Item-No. 77824 red,
western wagon

for the  “XXL” Trailer
Item-No. 77824 red uni

Between board with strips
Item-No. 77829

Handbrake with maual Lock
Item-No. 77856

for all new type Handcart from Eckla

Luggage bag (water proof) 
for Hand-cart including fixing set
also usable as bike panniers

Item no. 77850

proudly produced by Ortlieb Germany

Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheels  Item No. 07155

Spare Parts see “Service”