ECKLA Handcarts – Accessoires


Item-No. 77813 red uni
Item-No. 77823 red, western wagon
for the  "EASY" Models

Item-No. 77814 red uni
Item-No. 77824 red, western wagon
for the  "LONG" Models

Item-No. 77824 red uni
for the  "XXL" Models


Between board with strips
Item-No. 77829



Handbrake with maual Lock old Type

Item-No. 77822

for all type Handcart from Eckla








Handbrake with maual Lock new Type

Item-No. 77855 fits only on new Versions with additional hole

Luggage bag (water proof) 
for Hand-cart including fixing set
also usable as bike panniers

Item no. 77850

proudly produced by Ortlieb Germany


















Spare wheel
with Set for carts
incl. fixing set

Item-No. 77828 old Type, pneumatic tire
Item-No. 77833 new Type with Roller-Bearing, pneumatic tire

Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheels  Art. No: 07155 Luftpumpge klein 07155
Spare Parts look "Service"