ECKLA Multi-Rolly


The special transport help for photographer, fishing, shooting and more.

ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY       Item No.      77960 

ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY        Item No.     77965
including multi holding bar

The ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY is made with a lightweight non rusting aluminium construction, and completely foldable.

For transport you can fold in the seat separately.

The Multi-Holder is perfectly for fixing tripods, rifles or fishing rods.

MULTI-holding-bar Item No.  77961

The holding hooks can be used as a filing system or as a holder for bags or backpacks.
The transport area is secured with a linch pin against unintentional folding.

A bottle holder with velcro is available as an addition.

Bottle holder  Item No.  77752

The ECKLA-Multi-Rolly is completely foldable and needs only a small space in your trunk.

Universal cargo net to save your goods.

Item No.  77746

Gepäcknetz für Beach Rolly 77746
Jonny Sultan