Eckla Porty universal rear transport system

The ECKLA-PORTY universal rear transport system for bicycles
Eckla Porty – The alternative and universal rear transport system for bikes of a reasonable price, made in Germany by ECKLA.Adjustable for nearly all types of cars, vans, stations wagon etc. Of high quality anodized aluminium tube. You can transport with it up to 3 bikes, total 45 kgs max. mounted within seconds and without any tools. Less air resistance compared to roof transport. Taking on and off the bikes in comfortable position. Weight of the Porty is app. 4 kgs, use is free and no licence required.







Item no. 77770



Eckla Porty 4×4  
Eckla Porty 4×4 for outside spare wheels
Item no. 77777







for fixing on outside spare wheels for up to 3 bicycles, MADE IN GERMANY.

Accessoires for the ECKLA-PORTY

Item no. 49010 Soft Transport Pads for transport of a additional bicycle

Item no. 78211 fixing belts 50 cm (1 pair per bicycle rail)
Item no. 78218 additional fixing hooks for short car hoods

Spezial Holding Hooks for thicker hoods

Transport System for Skiing and Snowboard


Item no. 78310

Main bar for 2 pair of Skies

( includes 2 Skigrids, for 2 Pair of Ski)

(max. capacity 4 Pair of Ski or Snowboards )

SKIGRIDS Extension Set
Item no. 78311 for 1 Pair of Skies

(max. capacity 4 Pair of Ski or Snowboards )


Extension Set

Item no. 78312 for 1 Snowboard

(max. capacity 4 Pair of Ski or Snowboards


25 mm x 3 m length. breaking strength 250 kg.
UV-protected Polypropylen.
Item no. 46010 3 Meter

Item no. 47010 4,5 Meter

Warning Plate for Spain

must be used by spanish Law for towbar carriers

Item no. 78412


Warning Plate for Italy überstehende Lasten

must be used by italian Law for towbar carriers

Item no. 78411


ECKLA- Anti-theft-steel-cable
plastic covered steel wire. Diameter 8 mm, without Lock
Item no. 78118 1,5 m
Item no. 78110 2,5 m
Item no. 78114 4,0 m
Item no. 78112 6,5 m

Item no. 78130

for Anti-theft-steel-cable , 40 mm brass