Eckla Trimbelt



25 mm x 3 m length. breaking strength 250 kg.
UV-protected  Polypropylen.
Item No. 46010   3 Meter

Item No. 47010   4,5 Meter

Item No. 40025 7,0 Meter

Two – piece lashing strap at the ends with loop around the belt
Connecting dolly. Total length about 2.2m
Clamp backed with a foam pad.
Stable clamp made of die-cast

1 Set

Item No. 47020

Straps 15mm

Item No. 78211 50cm

Item No. 78225 30cm

1 pair

Lashing straps with own labeling from 1000 meters possible. Length of the straps can be selected.

Please ask.