ECKLABOARD the camera platform for passenger side of car


Eckla Foto Ecklaboard


Eckla optimizes your car to a “rolling camouflage tent“

The ECKLABOARD is a support board that fixes to the passenger side of your car.

It has been specifically designed for cameras with large lenses and spotting scopes to help you to capture the best shots from this dry hiding place of your car.

ECKLABOARD suits most cars, fixes easily to the bars of your passenger headrest and extends to your dashboard by using rotatable support brackets. The height and tilt is also adjustable.

Eckla Foto Ecklaboard

The ECKLABOARD is also suitable for RHD right hand drive cars.

The ECKLABOARD provides a strong platform which can be used in conjunction with our ECKLA BEANBAG and our ECKLASPHERE swivel tripod. For ball head or swing head it comes with pre-drilled holes for secure fixing.

There is also enough room for your laptop so that you view your photos instantly.

For perfect shots from the driver window side, the ECKLA-EAGLE or ECKLA-CAMFIX provide a stable alternative.

Eckla Foto Ecklaboard

It has been developed and tested in partnership with nature photographer, Dieter Porsch, tested on various photo trips carried
out in practice.

While driving the ECKLABOARD should be dismantled for your own safety.

Item No.: 87000