ECKLASTAND Boatstand and ECKLA-Loadassistance

The perfect ECKLASTAND Boatstand     


ECKLA-HIGHSTAND —- (80 cm) high —     Item no. 78990

The perfect Boatstand for präsentation, storage and repair.
Compact, lightweight, foldable and non rusted.
Perfect also for repair or for cleaning.


flat for sorage

ECKLA-LOWSTAND — (55 cm) high —
Item no. 78995
The perfect Boatstand.



Der ECKLA-Boatstand with fabric   Art. Nr. 78998

foldable boatstand for repair, storage and cleaning.

78998 Bootsständer mit Tuch (2014)klein
Universal Cargo Net for boats Item No. 77746 Gepäcknetz für Beach Rolly 77746













ECKLA Loadassistance for Roofracks     


ECKLA Loadassistance    Item no. 78920

Fits on Thule Standart Profiles 32×22 & T-slot Systems

With the new ECKLA Load Assistance it is possible for a single person without further assistance to load a boat on the roof system.

The special side end part of the load arm prevented that the boat slips from the loading arm.

The ECKLA Load assistance can be pulled also completely out of the tube and put into the opposite again simply, witout fixing any screws.

Infact of this, it is possible to load the car from both sides. The load capacity of the support arm is app. 30 kg.

The ECKLA Load assistance is specialy for woman, they never must carry the whole weight of the boat at one time.