ECKLA-Follower the new Bicycle-Trailer for Canoes, Kayak’s and Surfboard’s

Eckla-Follower with Trailer "Expedition" ECKLA-Follower with Boat ECKLA-Follower is the new bicycle pull rod for transporting kayaks, canoes and surfboards. The bicycle pull rod ECKLA-Follower together with a Eckla-Explorer or ECKLA-Canyon becomes a practical trailer for the bicycle. The length and the height is adjustable. ECKLA-Follower Item. No.: 77000 without Cart ECKLA-Canyon with SteelbearingsECKLA-Explorer with Steelbearings ECKLA-Canyon Item. No.: 79975 and … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Boardseat, Paddle-attachment for SUP or Surfboards

ECKLA-BOARDSEAT Paddle attachment for SUP- and Surfboards, quickly adjustable to body size, lightweight aluminium construction, the soft seat can be attached easily to each board by using straps, it has a footrest for transmitting power of the paddle movement perfectly, ideal for paddling fun, not only on windless days!... complet with straps. Item No. 75000 Paddle, divisible of plastic for the ECKLA-Boardseat Art. Nr. 75050 spare parts see under "Service" For Sup und … [Read more...]

Wall support for Boatsport

ECKLA® SURF-PORT     Wall support, turnable, for Surfboards Item No. 30010    1 pair complete with fixing set load capacity app. 20 kg ECKLA® KAYAK-PORT Wall support, turnable, for Kayaks Item No. 78952  1 Pair Wall-support with paddle-holder turnable for Kayaks complete with fixing-set. ECKLA® KAYAK-SOFT-PORT  Wall support with strap for Kayaks, turnable Item No. 78971   1 Pair ECKLA kayak-wall-support with strap and … [Read more...]

The Catamaran Cart from ECKLA

ECKLA Catamaran Cart with adjustable wheelbase,adjustable wheelbase 140cm to 210cm, aluminium anodized,for boats with flat bottem. with 260er wheels Item No. 79959with 400er wheels Item No. 79960 ECKLA Catamaran Cart with 400er wheels. Air-pump for the wheelsItem No. 07155 ECKLA-Strap 25mm For secure attachment of your cargo on the roof rack or Boat. Tensile strength 250 kg. Made of UV-stabilized polypropylene. The clamp has a foam pad on the ECKLA straps to prevent damage … [Read more...]

ECKLA Soft-Top und ECKLA Pacific – Boat Cart, Kayak Cart

The ECKLA - Softtop - Kayak Cart Boat Cart with soft overlay for save transport, dismontable. with support and wheels 260mm, weight 4,2 kg. Artikel-Nr. 78800 with pneumatic tireArtikel-Nr. 78912 with puncture proof tire ECKLA - Pacific - Kayak Endcart complete stainless steel, wheel 260mm, easy fixing with integrated elastic rubber band Artikel-Nr. 79980 with pneumatic tireArtikel-Nr. 79981 with puncture proof tires Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic … [Read more...]

ORKCA – low cost Kayak and Surf Carts from Eckla®

ORKCA - smal Kayak cart 260  Item. No.: 1250 wheels pneumatic 260mm Cart for Seakayaks. ORKCA - Kayak cart 260  Item. No.: 1260 wheels pneumatic 260mm Cart for kayaks. ORKCA - Canoe 260 Art. No. 1300 with pneumatic wheels 260mm ORKCA - Alaska Kayak Car Item No .: 1280 With puncture proof tires 200mm ORKCA - California SUP Cart Item No .: 1290 With puncture proof tires 200mm ORKCA - Florida SUP cartItem No .: 1295With … [Read more...]

ECKLAtop Boat cart for Sit on top Boats

ECKLATOP 260 Sit on Top transport cart with wheel 260mm Transport cart for Sit on Top boats with pneumatic wheel diameter 260mm, aluminum, silver anodized, steplessly range of the bars from 6 up to 63 cm. With the ECKLATOP easily transport your Sit on Top on the shore. The solid construction of high quality aluminum tube will stay rustproof. The wheels easily taken off, and stowed away space saving on the car boot. The bars was covered with soft rubber to beware of damage. Item no. … [Read more...]

ECKLASTAND Boatstand Lowstand – Highstand and ECKLA-Loadassistance

ECKLA-HIGHSTAND ---- (80 cm) high Item no. 78990 The perfect Boatstand for präsentation, storage and repair.Compact, lightweight, foldable and non rusted.Perfect also for repair or for cleaning. ECKLA Highstand ECKLAstand folded flat ECKLA-LOWSTAND --- (55 cm) high --- Item no. 78995The perfect Boatstand. ECKLA Lowstand Der ECKLA-Boatstand with fabric   Art. Nr. 78998 foldable ECKLA-boatstand for repair, storage and cleaning. ECKLA-Loadassist … [Read more...]

ECKLA® – Accessories for Roofracks

ECKLA®-OVALSUPPORT steel powdercoated The Ovalsupport fits on all standart profiles 32x22 mm.Covered with soft plastic tubes to make sure transport without damages for your boat. Item No. 78948 1 Pair ECKLA®-STAHL-OVALSUPPORT - steel powdercoatet The ovalsupport for all racks with T-slot system. Item No. 78983 1 Pair with Nut 20x24mm ECKLA®-OVALSUPPORT - stainless steel Item No. 78951  1 Pair The Ovalsupport fits on all  standart profiles 32x22 … [Read more...]

Eckla Rafty

The Cart for inflatable boats. ECKLA-RAFTY 400  Cart for inflatable boatswith pneumatic wheel with diameter 400mm, aluminum, silver anodized Item no. 78980 with pneumatic wheels Item No. 78981 with puncture proof wheels Dimensions unfolded: 60x98x52cm, loading capacity app. 80 kg  weight  8,2 kg ECKLA-Rafty 260  Cart for inflatable boats with pneumatic wheel with diameter 260 mm, aluminum, silver anodized, Wheels with Roller … [Read more...]