ECKLA-Board-Trailer, die Fahrrad-Zugstange für Surf- und SUP-Boards

Die neue Fahrradzugstange für Surf- und SUP-Boards

Einfache Zugstange um Surf oder SUP-Boards mit dem Fahrrad zu ziehen Art. Nr. 76000.

Der Wagen beinhaltet das komplette Befestigungsset bestehend aus Zugstange, Transportwagen und alle benötigten Zurrgurte. Nicht enthalten ist die Kupplung am Fahrrad.

Für die Befestigung am Fahrrad benötigen Sie die Kupplung Art. Nr. 79976.
Die Kupplung passt für Sattelstützen von 26 – 32mm. Diese erhalten Sie direkt hier im Shop.

Jetzt direkt hier im Shop bestellen!

Hier ein Video zum ECKLA-BOARD-Trailer mit freundlicher Genehmigung von


2,5m Art. Nr. 46035 (Schrift weiss)

6,0m Art. Nr. 46060 (Schrift weiss)

Für die Benutzung im Straßenverkehr muss eine Beleuchtungseinrichtung (gemäß StVZO § 67a) nachgerüstet werden. Ihr Fahrradhändler kann Ihnen hierzu weiterhelfen. Max. Gesamtgewicht des Anhängers 40 kg. Ausserhalb Deutschlands bitte entsprechende Landesvorschriften beachten. Nicht für Wagen mit Gleitlager.

ECKLA board trailer, the bicycle pull rod for surf or SUP boards

The new bicycle pull cart for surf or SUP boards.


Simply attach your surf or SUP board to the bike with the new pull rod item no. 76000.

Transport trolley and all required lashing straps, but without the coupling.Transport trolley and all required lashing straps, but without the coupling.

To attach it to the bike you need the coupling item no. 79976.
Attachment to the seat post suitable for seat post diameters of 26 – 32mm.


The Eckla-Board-trailer does not comply with German road traffic regulations and must not be used on public roads!
Observe the regulations in your country.

Here is a video of the ECKLA-BOARD-trailer courtesy of

ECKLA-lashing strap

2,5m Item. No. 46035 (font white)

6,0m Item. No. 46060 (font white)

ECKLASISST the new Car Load Asisst for Boats

Car roof loading aid for small boats such as kayaks, canoes, etc.

The new loading aid from ECKLA. Made from newly developed aluminum profiles, for lateral attachment to the car roof rack The new loading aid from ECKLA. Made from newly developed aluminum profiles, for lateral attachment to the car roof rack bars. Robust and elegant. Suitable for all known commercial car roof rack bars. The new loading aid ECKLASISST “NEW Generation” fits carrier bars with and without grooves.

The extension length is 650mm.

ECKLASISST loading aid “NEW GENERATION” Art. No .: 78950

Only the mounting brackets for retrofitting existing loading aids. Item no .: 78925


ECKLA® SUP Accessories and carts


SUP attachment for ECKLA-Canyon for 3 boards

Item No. 77030

(Without the kayak canyon!)

Up to 3 boards can be transported upright with the new SUP attachment. Ideal for schools, clubs etc ..

SUP Aufsatz einzeln
ECKLA SUP- attachment


SUP trolley for a SUP board with EVA foam wheels.

The long-standing part is guided through the loop so that the car does not tip over.

Product No.: 1295

Eckla Kajak Orkca SUP Californa klein


SUP trolley for a plastic board with EVA foam wheels.

Product No .: 1290

ORKCA products are low-cost import goods.

For more SUP accessories see Eckla® Beach-Rolly and Surf Accessories:
Anti-theft devices, surfrolly, antitheft cables, roof rack accessories, wall brackets.


"ECKLA - Maui", the transport trolley for SUP and surfboards.

Put the board upright in the car and off you go.

Suitable for longer distances where the board can get quite heavy.

When not in use, simply fold the stroller flat.

ECKLA-MAUI pneumatic tires Art.No.: 79900
ECKLA-MAUI puncture-proof item no.: 79905

Spare parts see under Service/shop!

Bild Stimmung Stefanie Eckla

ECKLA-Boardseat, Paddle-attachment for SUP or Surfboards


Paddle attachment for SUP- and Surfboards, quickly adjustable to body size, lightweight aluminium construction, the soft seat can be attached easily to each board by using straps, it has a footrest for transmitting power of the paddle movement perfectly, ideal for paddling fun, not only on windless days!…

complet with straps.

Item No. 75000

Paddle, divisible of plastic for the ECKLA-Boardseat

Art. Nr. 75050

For Sup und Surfboard

spare parts see under “Service”

Wall support for Boatsport


Wall support, turnable, for Surfboards

Item No. 30010    1 pair

complete with fixing set

load capacity app. 20 kg

Eckla Wandhalter Surf


Wall support, turnable, for Kayaks

Item No. 78952  1 Pair

Wall-support with paddle-holder turnable for Kayaks complete with fixing-set.

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter KAYAK-SOFT-PORT 78971


Wall support with strap for Kayaks, turnable

Item No. 78971   1 Pair

ECKLA kayak-wall-support with strap and paddle-holder, turnable use less space in the room when the support flat on the wall folded is, incl. fixing set

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter KAYAK-SOFT-PORT 78971

Eckla Ersatz Kajak Nachrüstset Gurt für Wandhalter 78972
Wall support belt retrofit
for Wall-support 78952
Item No. 78972  
1 Pair


Wall support for Canoes

Item No. 78976  1 Pair

ECKLA canoe-wall-support, turnable, incl. fixxing set, steplessly adjustable range betweeen  55 up to 85 cm
loading capacity app. 35 kg

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter ECKLA-CANOE-PORT 78976


Wall support for cargo boxes

Item No. 78550   1 Pair

Universal wall-support for roof boxes and much more. The wall support is in width steplessly adjustable 25-45 cm
Load-capacity app. 30 kg.

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter Cargo Port ohne Dachbox

Eckla® Kayak wall support Soft XL

Item No. 78979

new wide self-supporting wall mounts for kayaks or similar boats.

Load-capacity app. 30 kg

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter Kajak-SOFT XL 78979


Item No. 78996

Smart solution to store Kayaks, Canoes, Surfboards or Roof Boxxes in your garage.

Easily handable only from one person.

Load capacity app. 60 kg

Eckla Kajak-Deckenlift gesamt Surfboard,

The Catamaran Cart from ECKLA

ECKLA Catamaran Cart with adjustable wheelbase,
adjustable wheelbase 140cm to 210cm, aluminium anodized,
for boats with flat bottem.

with 260er wheels Item No. 79959
with 400er wheels Item No. 79960

ECKLA Catamaran Cart with 400er wheels.

Air-pump for the wheels

Item No. 07155

ECKLA-Strap 25mm

For secure attachment of your cargo on the roof rack or Boat. Tensile strength 250 kg. Made of UV-stabilized polypropylene. The clamp has a foam pad on the ECKLA straps to prevent damage to your Boat. Eckla uses extra strong clamp locks. ECKLA belts comply with the standard DIN EN 12195-2. Buy your straps too long too short! Dispose of damaged or damaged straps!

Item no. 46010 – 3,0 meters Item no. 47010 – 4,5 meters Item no. 47025 – 7.0 meters

For shops belts are available with their own name. Ask.

Spare parts see Service.

Products and names of ECKLA may have protective rights.

ECKLA Soft-Top – Boat Cart, Kayak Cart

The ECKLA – Softtop – Kayak Cart

Boat Cart with soft overlay for save transport, dismontable. with support and wheels 260mm, weight 4,2 kg.

Artikel-Nr. 78800 with pneumatic tire
Artikel-Nr. 78912 with puncture proof tire

Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheeels
Art. No. 07155

The puncture free wheel!

Eckla Ersatz-PU Rad mit Nagel klein

ORKCA – low cost Kayak and Surf Carts from Eckla®

ORKCA – smal Kayak cart 260 

Item. No.: 1250

wheels pneumatic 260mm

Cart for Seakayaks.

Eckla Kajakwagen ORKCA 1260

ORKCA – Kayak cart 260 

Item. No.: 1260

wheels pneumatic 260mm

Cart for kayaks.

ECKLA Kanuwagen ORKCA 1300 WZ

ORKCA – Canoe 260

Art. No. 1300

with pneumatic wheels 260mm

AAlaska 1280 Orkca Kajakwagen mit Zurrgurt

ORKCA – Alaska Kayak Car

Item No .: 1280

With puncture proof tires 200mm

Eckla Kajak Orkca SUP Californa klein

ORKCA – California SUP Cart

Item No .: 1290

With puncture proof tires 200mm

Eckla Sup Wagen Florida Orkca

ORKCA – Florida SUP cart

Item No .: 1295

With puncture-proof tires 200mm.

The long side is in the ankle strap Bordes threaded and so against falling over secured. sichert.

Air pump with integrated hose

Art. No. 07155

ECKLASTAND Boatstand Lowstand – Highstand and ECKLA-Loadassistance

ECKLA-HIGHSTAND —- (80 cm) high

Item no. 78990

The perfect Boatstand for präsentation, storage and repair.
Compact, lightweight, foldable and non rusted.
Perfect also for repair or for cleaning.

ECKLA Highstand

ECKLAstand folded flat

ECKLA-LOWSTAND — (55 cm) high —

Item no. 78995
The perfect Boatstand.

ECKLA Lowstand

Der ECKLA-Boatstand with fabric   Art. Nr. 78998

foldable ECKLA-boatstand for repair, storage and cleaning.

Eckla Kajak 78998 Bootsständer mit Tuch (2014)klein


the assisting helper in the car roof loading of your boat.