Mast Extensions from Eckla

Windsurf Accessoires



Item no. 09030   Mast Extension SHORTY

Simple extension, silver anodized, no holes, of 35 cm length, offering a good price for the high performance.

Item no. 08030   Mast Extension ECONOMY

Simple extension, silver anodized, no holes, of 48 cm length, offering a good price for the high performance.

Item no.64010   Mast Extension CAPRI

 made of tough highly resistant special aluminium, with ring adjustment, no clamp, widened to be used with our trim adapter 51010 or the 8 cm extension 39010 or 97010. In silver, anodized, 62 cm long.

Item no. 63010   VARIO Mast Extension GARDA

 no clamp cleat, widened, made of tough, highly solid special aluminium, silver anodized, to be combined with our trim adapter 51010, 39010 or 97010. 62 cm long.

Mast Extensions  BAHAMA Ø 48 mm

Item no. 28100 adjustment range 20 cm silver

Item no. 28300 adjustment range 40 cm silver

adjustment range , silver
Ring-adjusted extension of strong aluminium tube, 48 mm diameter, anodized silver, complete with ECKLA-WAVE-ADAPTER, compatible to North.


Item no. 32010 Mast extension RIVAwith sloping mast step ring and shift ring, made of tough, highly solid special aluminium. Delivered complete with quickrelease 37100, clamp cleat 70210. Anod. silver.Item no. 62010 Mast extension TORBOLEring adjusted, made of highly resistant special aluminium, diameter 48 mm, with plastic adapter and the clamp cleat no. 72010. Rings please see page 6. Anod. silver

Item no. 39010 Trim adapter 8 cm

made of aluminium, with quickrelease.


Fix Mast Extension Ø 48 mm

Item no. 35110 
15 cm silver
Item no. 35210 
25 cm silver
Item no. 35310 
35 cm silver
Item no. 35410 
45 cm silver
Made of tough highly resistent special aluminum, diameter

Ø 48 mm


1.)Item no. 37110 Adapters, no spring, plastic Ø 48 mm.
Item no. 82500 Adapters, no spring, aluminium Ø 45 mm

3.) Item no. 82100 Adapters, no spring, aluminium Ø 48 mm.
Item no. 36000 Quickrelease-

Spring, stainless- steel with 2 pcs. 9 mm Pins.
5.) Item no. 98218 
Washer Ø 8 mm stainless-steel
Item no. 03010 Bearing with washer
Item no. 55010 Washer, plastic
Item no. 98212 Stop nutstainless-steel M8
Item no. 85000 Lamella to fasten clamp-cleat with 2 screws.
Item no. 52010 Top Cap Ø 48 mm.
Item no. 98214 Stud M8 x 35, stainless steel


Item no. 06010 Shift ring, sloping
Item no. 05010 Mast step ring sloping
Item no. 73011 Mast step ring, aluminium
Item no. 52011 Tube cap Ø 48 mm
Item no. 04011 Ring, steel Ø 48 mm
Item no. 72010 Rubberring