ECKLA Mast Trim Adapter


Windsurf Accessoires

Item no. 57000   
Mastadapter Wave
The brand new ECKLA-WAVE adapter comes with a big button on the frontside for a easy handling. Of course it was designed also for using hooks with maximum 4 pulleys.

Item no. 6510    

heavy performance, very elegant design in black, built-in metal, cleat and 3 brass pullies, with stainless steel pin. One hand operation, with perfect slide bolt.

It cannot release by itself or by mistake. It operates in forward direction, and when the surfer is sailing the bolt is pressed against the release. The rope can be stowed into the lower end of the adapter, so there are no loose ends around. Delivery complete with stainless pin, the short adapter

(Item no. 56010) also with clip.

Item no. 97010   
A solid trim adapter of plastics, reinforced, with 2 integrated brass pulleys and the special “microcleat”, created by ECKLA. Delivered with adapter 37110 and clip 36000. The adapter 37110 is interchangeable with products of many important brands.Transmission max 6:1.

Item no. 51010   Trimmadapter

Solid plastic trim adapter, of 48 mm diameter, with built-in aluminium clamp cleat and double brass pulley. Integrated eye to attach rope, and hook to fix it. Much in vogue.

Transmission max 6:1.