Eckla Beach-Rolly® Models

The “Original” made in Germany since 1993

The ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with different colours
blue / yellowoliv / beigeblue uniblue / green

Eckla Beach-Rolly® Standard

blue/yellowArt.-Nr. 55500 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55505 puncture proof wheels
olivgreenArt.-Nr. 55550 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55560 puncture proof wheels
blue uniArt.-Nr. 77710 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 77915 puncture proof wheels
blue/greenArt.-Nr. 77720 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 77920 puncture proof wheels

Eckla Beach-Rolly® with Roof

ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with roof
blue / yellowoliv / beigeblue uniblue / green
blue/yellowArt.-Nr. 55520 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55530 puncture proof wheels
olivgreen  Art.-Nr. 55551 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55570 puncture proof wheels
blue uni  Art.-Nr. 77712 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 79917 puncture proof wheels
blue/greenArt.-Nr. 77721 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 79922 puncture proof wheels
Size unfolded:length 70cm, width 68cm, height 110cm
Seat approximately:46 x 37cm
Material seat cover:polyester / 5% PVC

The ECKLA “Beach-Rolly®” is the “original” and we are developed and manufacture it in Germany since 1993.

The name “Beach-Rolly®” is protected as a trademark.

ECKLA Multi-Rolly

The special transport help for photographer, fishing, shooting and more.

ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY  pneumatic wheels
Including Multi holding bar     Item No.      77965
without Multi holding bar Item No. 77960

ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY  puncture proof wheels      
including Multi holding bar Item No.     77975
without Multi holding bar Item No. 77970


The Multi-Holder is perfectly for fixing tripods, rifles or fishing rods.

Item No.  77961

The holding hooks can be used as a filing system or as a holder for bags or backpacks.

The transport area is secured with a linch pin against unintentional folding.


Bottle holder 

A bottle holder with velcro is available as an addition.

Item No.  77752

The ECKLA-Multi-Rolly is completely foldable and needs only a small space in your trunk.


Universal cargo net

to save your goods.

Item No.  77746

The ECKLA Campingboy

Universal transport helper for camping and leasure.

The ECKLA-CAMPINGBOY was developed particularly for the heavy camping- and leasure employment.

The dimension is specially designed for gas bottles, water containers and to the often used Thetford cartridge C2-C4 adapters. The cartridges without to tighten simply only inserted, exactly like the gas bottles (11kg Ø 300mm). For suitable seat by cartridge and gas bottle put up only the rear covering. For all further cargoes such as water and waste water tanks or with the use as a trolley the covering remains down. The car is equipped for the soft run with wheels supplied with pneumatic tires Ø 200mm. The wheels are fast removed thanks quick-locking mechanisms. The easy-weight Campingboy is made from thick-walled, anodized aluminum tubes.

Dimension folded up: 105x47x7cm with removed wheels.

Item No.: 77600 pneumatic wheels, wheel color: yellow
Item No.: 77620 puncture proof wheels, wheel color: yellow

Accessoires for the ECKLA-CAMPINGBOY:

Accessoires for the ECKLA-CAMPINGBOY:

Shopping bag      
Item No. 77605
color blue / green

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