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ECKLA-Board-Trailer, die Fahrrad-Zugstange für Surf- und SUP-Boards

Die neue Fahrradzugstange für Surf- und SUP-Boards

Einfache Zugstange um Surf oder SUP-Boards mit dem Fahrrad zu ziehen Art. Nr. 76000.

Der Wagen beinhaltet das komplette Befestigungsset bestehend aus Zugstange, Transportwagen und alle benötigten Zurrgurte. Nicht enthalten ist die Kupplung am Fahrrad.

Für die Befestigung am Fahrrad benötigen Sie die Kupplung Art. Nr. 79976.
Die Kupplung passt für Sattelstützen von 26 – 32mm. Diese erhalten Sie direkt hier im Shop.

Jetzt direkt hier im Shop bestellen!

Hier ein Video zum ECKLA-BOARD-Trailer mit freundlicher Genehmigung von


2,5m Art. Nr. 46035 (Schrift weiss)

6,0m Art. Nr. 46060 (Schrift weiss)

Für die Benutzung im Straßenverkehr muss eine Beleuchtungseinrichtung (gemäß StVZO § 67a) nachgerüstet werden. Ihr Fahrradhändler kann Ihnen hierzu weiterhelfen. Max. Gesamtgewicht des Anhängers 40 kg. Ausserhalb Deutschlands bitte entsprechende Landesvorschriften beachten. Nicht für Wagen mit Gleitlager.

ECKLA board trailer, the bicycle pull rod for surf or SUP boards

The new bicycle pull cart for surf or SUP boards.


Simply attach your surf or SUP board to the bike with the new pull rod item no. 76000.

Transport trolley and all required lashing straps, but without the coupling.Transport trolley and all required lashing straps, but without the coupling.

To attach it to the bike you need the coupling item no. 79976.
Attachment to the seat post suitable for seat post diameters of 26 – 32mm.


The Eckla-Board-trailer does not comply with German road traffic regulations and must not be used on public roads!
Observe the regulations in your country.

Here is a video of the ECKLA-BOARD-trailer courtesy of

ECKLA-lashing strap

2,5m Item. No. 46035 (font white)

6,0m Item. No. 46060 (font white)

ECKLASISST the new Car Load Asisst for Boats

Car roof loading aid for small boats such as kayaks, canoes, etc.

The new loading aid from ECKLA. Made from newly developed aluminum profiles, for lateral attachment to the car roof rack The new loading aid from ECKLA. Made from newly developed aluminum profiles, for lateral attachment to the car roof rack bars. Robust and elegant. Suitable for all known commercial car roof rack bars. The new loading aid ECKLASISST “NEW Generation” fits carrier bars with and without grooves.

The extension length is 650mm.

ECKLASISST loading aid “NEW GENERATION” Art. No .: 78950

Only the mounting brackets for retrofitting existing loading aids. Item no .: 78925


Metamo Multifunctional handcart

The Metamo is a newly designed, extremely variable and versatile multifunctional wagon for all leisure and outdoor fans.

Metamo multifunctional handcart
Metamo – variable and versatile multifunctional handcart

Overview of the Metamo functions

The main function of the Metamo is the transport of leisure or picnic needs, shopping, crates of drinks, toys or simply your belongings. When shopping, at the festival, on the beach, when barbecuing, but also on a family or Father’s Day hike, the Metamo is your loyal transport helper.

In addition, the Metamo has other, versatile uses. It can be converted into a grill and table or used in heavy-duty mode with a protective mat or additional bag. Finally, the Metamo handcart can be folded up to save space and stowed away compactly.

Metamo Funktionen
“Metamo” comes from metamorphosis, which means something like transformation and offers many functions and uses.
Metamo as a handcart and truck.
Metamo as a table.
Metamo, the most variable multifunctional handcart for all leisure and outdoor fans. Handcart, table, grill - and that wasn't all!
Metamo as a grill.

Metamo in the media

Metamo Homepage & Shop

Metamo Homepage & Shop

Bicycle pull bar for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly®

With the new Bicycle pull bar is it possible to pull your ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with your Bicycle where you want. Simply attach your Beach-Rolly® to your bike. You need only the pull bar and the coupling No. 79976.

Pull bar for ECKLA Beach-Rolly® Item No. 55595
ECKLA Fahrradanhänger-Kupplung für die Sattelstütze
Coupling for saddle supports from 26 – 32 mm

Item No. 79976

ECKLA Luftrad 260mm mit Kugellager
Pneumatic Wheel 260 mm with steel ball bearings

Item No. 07147

for upgrade your ECKLA Beach-Rolly

ECKLA Trimbelt

3,0 meter Item No. 46010
4,5 meter Item No. 47010

Eckla Beach-Rolly Gepäcknetz für Beach-Rolly 77746
Chargo net
for ECKLA Beach-Rolly®

Item No. 77746

including 10 fixing hooks

ECKLA-Boardseat, Paddle-attachment for SUP or Surfboards


Paddle attachment for SUP- and Surfboards, quickly adjustable to body size, lightweight aluminium construction, the soft seat can be attached easily to each board by using straps, it has a footrest for transmitting power of the paddle movement perfectly, ideal for paddling fun, not only on windless days!…

complet with straps.

Item No. 75000

Paddle, divisible of plastic for the ECKLA-Boardseat

Art. Nr. 75050

For Sup und Surfboard

spare parts see under “Service”

ECKLA – Camdisk Camerastativ

ECKLA Cam disk 4

ECKLA – Camdisk   Item No. 82000

In nature photography, a lower camera angle often leads to a better result and a much more attractive shot.  A standard tripod can assist to a certain extend but can be rather in flexible and bulky at the same time. The new ECKLA-CAMDISK ground tripod offers a practical alternative to achieve  the perfect lower angle and close to grand pictures.

With its light but sturdy design, the ECKLA-CAMDISK provides a very stable and mobile base for your camera which can be used on various Surfaces,  including sand.

ECKLA-CAMDISK is a ground tripod, perfect for low angle and close to ground shots, and its compact design also makes it a great companion to take on those extended walks.

Made from aluminium and with a total height of 38 mm, the ECKLA-CAMDISK can easily be attached to your backpack or camera bag with the included carabiner hook. All comes delivered in a practical pouch which can be used to store the ECKLA-CAMDISK when not in use.

incl. carabinerhook, 3/8" thread for camera heads,

diameter:          250mm
height:               38mm
weight:               850gr.

ECKLA Cam disk 1











Anti Theft Protection for Surfboards from Eckla®

Windsurf Accessoires

Art. no. 24000


Anti-theft device suitable for SUP or surfboard with US fin case. The metal design makes the anti-theft device very strong. With this anti-theft device, the board can be attached to the vehicle or a tree using a steel cable or a padlock. With the recess in the picture on the right, you can even secure the fin.


can also be shortened for tight spaces at the end of the slot (see picture). The function remains with the fin as shown in the picture below.

Art. No. 21000


Theft protection for boards with the new “Slide In” fin box. Simply insert it into the transverse slot of the fin box and then insert the counterpart from behind and secure it with a padlock or steel cable. Heavy metal construction.

ECKLA®- Anti-theft-steel-cable
plastic covered steel wire. cable Diameter 8 mm with cover 10mm
Item no.  78118 – 1,5 m
Item no.  78110 – 2,5 m
Item no.  78114 – 4,0 m
Item no.  78112 – 6,5 m



Item no. 78130

for Anti-theft-steel-cable,
bow 40 mm, diam. 6mm, brass

Eckla Surf-Diebstahlsicherung blech

Item no. 54000  Anti-theft-protection for fin boxes   stainless steel Antitheft device,
Simple, but very effective, to be placed into the fin box, made of inox stainless steel, in high polish.

Surf-Diebstahlsicherung 75430 Powerbox

Item no. 75430  Anti-theft-protection for Powerbox

aluminum anodized Anti theft device to secure the fin box.  All aluminium – of a new type, to secure the fin box. Will fit to many types, available in several colors. Diameter for the cable 14 mm.

Eckla Surf-Diebstahlsicherung 75230 US Fin box

Item no. 75230  Anti-theft-protection for US-fin box


Here you can select the first letter of looking for car brand:


Errors excepted.

Eckla Wall Supports for Boats

Eckla Wandhalter Surf



Item no. 30010 
Strong and turnable Wallsupport for Surfboards and more. Included Holder for Boom and Riggs. Soft covers on the bars guarantee no damages on the boards.

included wall fixing  set

Eckla Kajak-018-Wandhalter-Kajak

ECKLA-KAYAK-PORT  Item no. 78952

Turnable Wall Support
With this support you can store your kayak,in your garage or elsewhere, saving place. The holder is fixed with the screws and bolts which were included. The lower hook ist for the paddles. When not used you turn it away to the wall.

fixing set included

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter KAYAK-SOFT-PORT 78971


with soft strap 

Turnable Wall Support special for Sea Kayaks and fiberglass boats.
With this support you can store your kayak into your garage or elsewhere, saving place. The holder is fixed with the screws and bolts which were included. The lower hook ist for the paddles. When not used you turn it away to the wall.

fixing set included

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter ECKLA-CANOE-PORT 78976

ECKLA-CANOE-PORT  Item no. 78976

Turnable Wall Support special for Canoes.
With this support you can store your Canoe into your garage or elsewhere, saving place. The holder is fixed with the screws and bolts which were included. When not used you turn it away to the wall.

fixing set included


Item no. 78550

Universal wall-support for cargo boxes, and much more.

The wall support is steplessly adjustable

from 25 up to 45 cm

load capacity app. 30 kg

Item contains 1 pair incl. fixingset

Eckla Kajak-Deckenlift gesamt Surfboard,


Item no. 78996

Smart solution to store Kayaks, Canoes,  Surfboards or Roof Boxes. Easily handable only from one person.

lift capacity  max. 60 kg