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SUP Accessories and carts

SUP attachment for ECKLA-Canyon for 3 boards Item No. 77030 (Without the kayak canyon!) Up to 3 boards can be transported upright with the new SUP attachment. Ideal for schools, clubs etc .. ECKLA SUP- attachment ORKCA-Florida SUP trolley for a SUP board with EVA foam wheels. The long-standing part is guided through the loop so that the car does not tip over. Product No.: 1295 ORKCA-California SUP trolley for a plastic board with EVA foam wheels. Product … [Read more...]

SUP Assesories

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ECKLA-Pacific, Boat Cart for Kayaks

  ECKLA-Pacific Transport Cart for Kayaks Boat cart made of stainless steel as endcart. with pneumatic wheels 260mm Art. No.: 79980 with puncture proof wheels 260mm Art. No.: 79981           … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Boardseat, Paddle-attachment for SUP- or Surfboards

ECKLA-BOARDSEAT Paddle attachment for SUP- and Surfboards, quickly adjustable to body size, lightweight aluminium construction, the soft seat can be attached easily to each board by using straps, it has a footrest for transmitting power of the paddle movement perfectly, ideal for paddling fun, not only on windless days!... complet with straps. Item No. 75000 Paddle, divisible of plastic for the ECKLA-Boardseat Art. Nr. 75050 spare parts see under "Service" For Sup und … [Read more...]

ECKLABOARD the camera platform for passenger side of car

ECKLABOARD Eckla optimizes your car to a "rolling camouflage tent“ The ECKLABOARD is a support board that fixes to the passenger side of your car. It has been specifically designed for cameras with large lenses and spotting scopes to help you to capture the best shots from this dry hiding place of your car. ECKLABOARD suits most cars, fixes easily to the bars of your passenger headrest and extends to your dashboard by using rotatable support brackets. The height and tilt is also … [Read more...]

Tricycle from Eckla

The new ECKLA-tricycle No. 67000 is a great play and fun factor for small and large children. The tricycle is so concepiert that it can be used as an accessory for the carts. The big front wheels with a diameter of 400 mm and 260mm rear allow handling also for large children too. Suitable is the tricycle for children aged 3-7 years. Item No. 67150 Semitrailer devicefor the tricycle to retrofit. Suitable for attaching an ECKLA cart.Except with rear axle … [Read more...]

SUP-Rack for 3 Boards (Stand Up Paddle Board Rack)

SUP-Rack for ECKLA-Canyon for 3  Boards      Item. No. 77030      (without the Kayak cart Canyon.) with this new SUP-Rack you can transport up to 3 SUP-Boards. Ideal for schools, and club's. etc.                … [Read more...]

ECKLA – Camdisk Camerastativ

ECKLA - Camdisk   Item No. 82000 In nature photography, a lower camera angle often leads to a better result and a much more attractive shot.  A standard tripod can assist to a certain extend but can be rather in flexible and bulky at the same time. The new ECKLA-CAMDISK ground tripod offers a practical alternative to achieve  the perfect lower angle and close to grand pictures. With its light but sturdy design, the ECKLA-CAMDISK … [Read more...]

Eckla Anti theft steel cable

ECKLA- Anti-theft-steel-cable plastic covered steel wire. Diameter 8 mm,  without  Lock Item no.  78118 1,5 m Item no.  78110 2,5 m Item no.  78114 4,0 m Item no.  78112 6,5 m   … [Read more...]

Eckla Padlock

ECKLA- PADLOCK Item no. 78130 for Anti-theft-steel-cable   ,  40 mm brass   … [Read more...]