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Bicycle pull bar for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly

With the new Bicycle pull bar is it possible to pull your ECKLA Beach-Rolly with your Bicycle where you want. Simply attach your Beach-Rolly to your bike. You need only the pull bar and the coupling No. 79976. Pull bar for ECKLA Beach-Rolly Item No. 55595 Coupling for saddle supports from 26 - 32 mm Item No. 79976 Pneumatic Wheel 260 mm with steel ball bearings Item No. 07147 for upgrade your ECKLA Beach-Rolly ECKLA Trimbelt 3,0 meter Item No. 460104,5 meter … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Follower the new Bicycle-Trailer for Canoes, Kayak’s and Surfboard’s

Eckla-Follower with Trailer "Expedition" ECKLA-Follower with Boat ECKLA-Follower is the new bicycle pull rod for transporting kayaks, canoes and surfboards. The bicycle pull rod ECKLA-Follower together with a Eckla-Explorer or ECKLA-Canyon becomes a practical trailer for the bicycle. The length and the height is adjustable. ECKLA-Follower Item. No.: 77000 without Cart ECKLA-Canyon with SteelbearingsECKLA-Explorer with Steelbearings ECKLA-Canyon Item. No.: 79975 and … [Read more...]

ECKLA® SUP Accessories and carts

SUP attachment for ECKLA-Canyon for 3 boards Item No. 77030 (Without the kayak canyon!) Up to 3 boards can be transported upright with the new SUP attachment. Ideal for schools, clubs etc .. ECKLA SUP- attachment ORKCA-Florida SUP trolley for a SUP board with EVA foam wheels. The long-standing part is guided through the loop so that the car does not tip over. Product No.: 1295 ORKCA-California SUP trolley for a plastic board with EVA foam wheels. Product … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Boardseat, Paddle-attachment for SUP or Surfboards

ECKLA-BOARDSEAT Paddle attachment for SUP- and Surfboards, quickly adjustable to body size, lightweight aluminium construction, the soft seat can be attached easily to each board by using straps, it has a footrest for transmitting power of the paddle movement perfectly, ideal for paddling fun, not only on windless days!... complet with straps. Item No. 75000 Paddle, divisible of plastic for the ECKLA-Boardseat Art. Nr. 75050 spare parts see under "Service" For Sup und … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Express, foldable Handcart

Eckla "Express" Handcart colour green Eckla "Express" Handcart colour blue ECKLA Express Handcart Colour: greenItem No. 75300 pneumatic wheelItem No. 75400 puncture proof wheels Colour: blueItem No. 75320 pneumatic wheelItem No. 75420 puncture proof wheels Strong, lightweight and foldable, it fits the ECKLA-Express into any trunk of a car. Equipped with a padded cover with sufficient storage space.The ECKLA-Express Handcart is easily foldable and unfoldable without … [Read more...]

ECKLA – Camdisk Camerastativ

ECKLA - Camdisk   Item No. 82000 In nature photography, a lower camera angle often leads to a better result and a much more attractive shot.  A standard tripod can assist to a certain extend but can be rather in flexible and bulky at the same time. The new ECKLA-CAMDISK ground tripod offers a practical alternative to achieve  the perfect lower angle and close to grand pictures. With its light but sturdy design, the ECKLA-CAMDISK … [Read more...]

Tricycle from Eckla

The new ECKLA-Tricycle No. 67000 is a great play and fun factor for small and large children. The tricycle is so concepiert that it can be used as an accessory for the carts. The big front wheels with a diameter of 400 mm and 260mm rear allow handling also for large children too. Suitable is the tricycle for children aged 3-7 years. Semitrailer device Item No. 67150 for the tricycle to retrofit. Suitable for attaching an ECKLA cart.Except with rear axle … [Read more...]

ECKLA Supports Francois QUIQUET on his Polar trek through Lapland

ECKLA supported Francois QUIQUET on his Polar trek through Lapland   more information under   BLOG : FACEBOOK : TWITTER : ECKLA-EAGLE       Item no. 80000 for more information … [Read more...]

ECKLA Beach-Rolly®

  the practical transport helper for recreation and leisure time. The ECKLA Beach-Rolly® in use. The Eckla Beach-Rolly® is the ideal transport assistance for surfboards, canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, fishing equipment, swimming stuff, drinks, ice boxes, recreational equipment and much more. For the rest Eckla Beach-Rolly® simply unfolded and ready is the comfortable seat. The integrated upholstery grant a high seating comfort. The Eckla Beach-Rolly® has a low weight … [Read more...]

Eckla Beach-Rolly Models

The "Original" made in Germany The ECKLA Beach-Rolly with different colours Eckla Beach-Rolly Standardblue/yellow Art.-Nr. 55500 pneumatic wheels Art.-Nr. 55505 puncture proof wheelsolivgreen Art.-Nr. 55550 pneumatic wheels Art.-Nr. 55560 puncture proof wheels blue uni Art.-Nr. 77710 pneumatic wheels Art.-Nr. 77915 puncture proof wheels blue/green Art.-Nr. 77720 pneumatic wheels   Art.-Nr. 77920 puncture proof wheels ECKLA Beach-Rolly with … [Read more...]