ECKLAsphere swing triport with ECKLA Beanbag.

Item No.: 84000

A support that allow a optimal 3 dimensonal tracking of the camera or spotting scope on a beanbag or soft ground.
• the ECKLASPHERE generates enough space on a bean bag for easy operation of telephoto and focusing.
• quick mounting on almost all popular adapter and plates.
• including stainless steel interchangeable inserts and fixing screw , no extra parts necessary.
• aluminum / stainless steel construction suitable for nearly all systems 3/8 – 1/4 Zoll

Eckla Foto ECKLAsphere mit Kamera

The ECKLASPHERE allow photographer now to have the opportunity of an optimal 3 dimensonal tracking on a bean bag with simultaneous operation of telephoto setting and focusing.

Eckla Foto ECKLAsphere

The ECKLASPHERE was developed by many attempts in practice in size and shape so that the optimal “stability” is given with the greatest “mobility”.
It can be attached directly to the lens-foot, adapter plates or quick couplings.
Perfectly suited for ornithologists to take a spotting scope and to make absolutely quiet observations.
Even photographs or observations from the car roof or even from a pasture fence post are perfectly possible in combination on a bean bag with our ECKLASPHERE.
In cooperation with nature and wildlife photographer Dieter Porsch, we have developed the ECKLASPHERE.

Eckla Ecklashere Schwenkeinheit

The newly developed ECKLASPHERE of course fits very well to our ECKLA-EAGLE bean bag and therefore also on the
ECKLA-EAGLE camera holder for the driver’s side or on our ECKLABOARD on the passenger side.

ECKLABOARD the camera platform for passenger side of car

Eckla Foto Ecklaboard


Eckla optimizes your car to a “rolling camouflage tent“

The ECKLABOARD is a support board that fixes to the passenger side of your car.

It has been specifically designed for cameras with large lenses and spotting scopes to help you to capture the best shots from this dry hiding place of your car.

ECKLABOARD suits most cars, fixes easily to the bars of your passenger headrest and extends to your dashboard by using rotatable support brackets. The height and tilt is also adjustable.

Eckla Foto Ecklaboard

The ECKLABOARD is also suitable for RHD right hand drive cars.

The ECKLABOARD provides a strong platform which can be used in conjunction with our ECKLA BEANBAG and our ECKLASPHERE swivel tripod. For ball head or swing head it comes with pre-drilled holes for secure fixing.

There is also enough room for your laptop so that you view your photos instantly.

For perfect shots from the driver window side, the ECKLA-EAGLE or ECKLA-CAMFIX provide a stable alternative.

Eckla Foto Ecklaboard

It has been developed and tested in partnership with nature photographer, Dieter Porsch, tested on various photo trips carried
out in practice.

While driving the ECKLABOARD should be dismantled for your own safety.

Item No.: 87000


Item No.: 80500

complete with hang sheet between window and window seal.

The Eckla-Camfix tripot stand is a versatile product for operating with camera, telescope, microphone, etc.
The ECKLA Camfix is specially designed to fit a car window, but it is also useful assistance also for macrophotography, video, and lightning.

The ECKLA-CAMFIX has a soft foamed surface and can therefore also be used on the car roof or the hood.

ECKLA-CAMFIX is established by its simple geometry for a successful snap shot.

For birdwatchers a great accessory to make his observations with a spotting scope from car.

When folded, the ECKLA-CAMFIX requires little space.

ECKLA CAMDISK Camerasupport

ECKLA – Camdisk®   Item No.: 82000

Within nature photography you will soon find that images from a low angle in most cases are much more attractive. With a tripod you can achieve a certain low point usually, but you are not truly mobile with it.

A long walk with a heavy tripod does not always fun, so there is now the new ECKLA-CAMDISK floor stand, a practical tool for taking pictures from the ground perspective.

The ECKLA-CAMDISK provides a lightweight, very stable and flexible base for your camera, ideal course for recordings on a sandy bottom.

ECKLA-CAMDISK is a floor stand, which is ideal for shooting from a very low point or close to the ground. Made of aluminum and with a height of only 38 mm, the ECKLA-CAMDISK can be attached simply and easily with the supplied carabiner. A handy storage bag is included with the ECKLA-CAMDISK.

incl. Karabinerhook, 3/8″ inclusion Tripod heads,

Diam.:  250mm
high:      38mm
wight:      850gr.

ECKLA®-Eagle Camera holder for cars

Eckla Eagle Kamerahalter für Autos Foto
Eckla Eagle Kamerahalter für Autos

ECKLA-EAGLE CAMERA BRACKET is specially designed for the photography of cars and Vehicles developed. The ECKLA-EAGLE CAMERA BRACKET is attached to the door or on the disk. The continuously adjustable items can be adapted to almost any geometry of the car door.
The aluminum / stainless steel construction is ultra-light and stainless.

ECKLA-Eagle Item No. 80000

ECKLA Eagle in Car.

Accessories for ECKLA®-Eagle Camera Holder

The ECKLA-EAGLE Beanbag has been specially developed and adapted for the platform of ECKLA-Eagle. The Velcro straps enable accurate and quick adjustment. The ECKLA-EAGLE beanbag can be filled cleanly and tightly with the filling of your choice. Combined with the ECKLA-EAGLE thus it gives the maximum stability and photo position.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 12 cm

ECKLA® Bean Bag Item No. : 80 005

Suction cup holder for Eckla®-Eagle

Item No. 80020

ECKLA Eagle with ECKLA Beanbag and ECKLAsphere.

ECKLA-EAGLE Beanbag, Spacer, screws etc.

ECKLA bean bags with inner bag

Eckla beanbags are made of durable, water-repellent and non-slip microfiber.

ECKLA bean bags are equipped with a separate inner bag. By accidentally opening the zipper thus the filling remains in the bean bag and does not accidentally fall out immediately. The inner bag also contains the filling when the outer bag is washed.

ECKLA beanbag is the ideal travel companion, flat foldable.

At the destination it can then be filled with the filling as desired.

For our bean bags we also offer special plastic granulate fillings.

Eckla Foto Bohnensack Gesamt alle

Art. 80006 ECKLA Bean bag “Mini” 15x15x3cm, green,

Art. 80007 ECKLA Bean bag “Maxi” 30x30x4cm, green

Art. 80008 ECKLA Bean bag “EAGLE” 20x20c12cm, green

All bean sacks are without filling, with inner bag.

Art. 80011 ECKLA Filling “Gran” for bean bag “EAGLE”

Art. 80012 ECKLA Filling “Gran” for bean bag “Mini”

Art. 80013 ECKLA Filling “Gran” for bean bag “Maxi”

is especially developed and adjusted for the ECKLA-EAGLE cardoor lens Support. The velcros make it possible to place it precisely on the right spot. The ECKLA-BEANBAG can be filled with the prodcut of your own choice, through the neat and very good closing fillergap. The ECKLA-EAGLE cardoor lens support in combination with this ECKLA-BEANBAG gives you the maximum stability.

Size, 7.8 x 7.8 x 4.7 inch

Eckla Foto Disk 80610-80-mm

ECKLA-Spacer Disk
Ø 80x30mm 3/8 “, black

weight: 160 gr., incl. Stud 3/8″ stainless steel

incl. 1 x 3/8″ Stud.

Item No. 80610

Eckla Foto Disk 80600-50-mm

ECKLA-Spacer Disk
Ø 50x30mm 3/8 “, black

weight: 65 gr., incl. Stud 3/8″ stainless steel

incl. 1 x 3/8″ Stud.

Item No. 80600

Eckla Ersatz foto griffmutter 3-8-zoll

Turning Knob 3/8″ 
Ø app. 2″ (50mm),

Item No. 09363

suitable to the studs below.

Ersatz foto gewindebolzen gesamtuebersicht

1/4″ Male to 3/8″
Male Adapter,
stainless steel

The 1/4″ tread is app. 1/4″ (7mm) long.

total length 42mm        
Item No. 06316
total length 37mm        
Item No. 06387
total length 32mm        
Item No. 06388

Stud 3/8″, stainless steel

total lenght 1″ (25mm) 
Item No. 06385