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ECKLA Windsurf Accessoires

Item no. 77010 ECKLA-SURFROLLY  
with pneumatic wheels

Item No. 77020 with puncture tires

ECKLA-SURFROLLY with pneumatic tyres, reliable, of outstanding design, to transport board and accessories. Silver anodized strong aluminum tube, very solid inspite of light weight, rustproof. Large pneumatic wheels, easy going.

Measurement when folded 600 x 600 mm, weight 3,7 kg.

77010 Surfrolly (2014)klein WZ

Item No. 77510 ECKLA-SURFROLLY with Seat
and pneumatic tires

Item No. 77520 with pucture proof tires

The proved ECKLA-SURFROLLY, made of solid aluminum tube, rustproof, with a seat of heavy nylon, with padding. For a short break when rigging or after surfing.

77510 Sitzrolly (2014)klein WZ

Item no. 77710 ECKLA-BEACH-ROLLY

The ECKLA-BEACH-ROLLY is easily folded and requires little space in the boot of your car, or when you store it away. The wheels are quickly taken on and off and are secured by quick cotter pins.
Please ask for our spezial leaflet.

Accessoires and more , please visit the page Transport carts / BEACH-ROLLY on this website.

air pump for pneumatic wheels Item No. 07155 Luftpumpge klein 07155
The puncture proof wheel! PU Rad mit Nagel klein
Spare parts you will find under "Service"