ECKLA Soft-Top und ECKLA Pacific – Boat Cart, Kayak Cart

The ECKLA - Softtop - Kayak Cart Boat Cart with soft overlay for save transport, dismontable. with support and wheels 260mm, weight 4,2 kg. Artikel-Nr. 78800 with pneumatic tireArtikel-Nr. 78912 with puncture proof tire ECKLA - Pacific - Kayak Endcart complete stainless steel, wheel 260mm, easy fixing with integrated elastic rubber band Artikel-Nr. 79980 with pneumatic tireArtikel-Nr. 79981 with puncture proof tires Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic … [Read more...]

Eckla Beach-Rolly Accessoires

Sunroof for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly with Windbreak Item No. 77723 colour blue only Windbreak and neck protectionItem No. 55514 colour blue Sunroof for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly with Windbreak Item No. 77729 colour olivgreen only Windbreak and neck protectionItem No. 55513 colour olivgreen Neckrest colour blueItem No. 77725 Neckrest colour olivgreenItem No. 77706 Cargo net for Eckla Beach-Rolly, elastic Item No. 77746 colour black with 10 fixing … [Read more...]

Eckla Beach-Rolly Models

The "Original" made in Germany The ECKLA Beach-Rolly with different colours Eckla Beach-Rolly Standardblue/yellow Art.-Nr. 55500 pneumatic wheels Art.-Nr. 55505 puncture proof wheelsolivgreen Art.-Nr. 55550 pneumatic wheels Art.-Nr. 55560 puncture proof wheels blue uni Art.-Nr. 77710 pneumatic wheels Art.-Nr. 77915 puncture proof wheels blue/green Art.-Nr. 77720 pneumatic wheels   Art.-Nr. 77920 puncture proof wheels ECKLA Beach-Rolly with roof … [Read more...]

Eckla Beach-Rolly®

  the practical transport helper for recreation and The ECKLA Beach-Rolly in use. The Eckla Beach-Rolly is the ideal transport assistance for surfboards, canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, fishing equipment, swimming stuff, drinks, ice boxes, recreational equipment and much more. For the rest Eckla Beach-Rolly simply unfolded and ready is the comfortable seat The integrated upholstery grant a high seating comfort. The Eckla Beach-Rolly has a low weight and consists of a … [Read more...]

Eckla Canyon – Kayak cart

w ECKLA-CANYON    Kayak cart with support Item no. 78930 with pneumatic wheels Item No. 79940 with puncture proof wheels A proved kayak/canoe cart for easy transport of a boat when ashore. Made of a solid high quality aluminium alloy anodized and of light weight, will not rust. With the practical support, no tipping when loading and unloading. When folded it will need only a less space under deck. The big 260x85 mm pneumatic wheels provide easy transport. silver … [Read more...]