ECKLA-Express, foldable Handcart

Eckla "Express" Handcart colour green Eckla "Express" Handcart colour blue ECKLA Express Handcart Colour: greenItem No. 75300 pneumatic wheelItem No. 75400 puncture proof wheels Colour: blueItem No. 75320 pneumatic wheelItem No. 75420 puncture proof wheels Strong, lightweight and foldable, it fits the ECKLA-Express into any trunk of a car. Equipped with a padded cover with sufficient storage space.The ECKLA-Express Handcart is easily foldable and unfoldable without … [Read more...]

Wall support for Boatsport

ECKLA-SURF-PORT     Wall support, turnable, for Surfboards Item No. 30010    1 pair complete with fixing set load capacity app. 20 kg ECKLA-KAYAK-PORT Wall support, turnable, for Kayaks Item No. 78952  1 Pair Wall-support with paddle-holder turnable for Kayaks complete with fixing-set. ECKLA-KAYAK-SOFT-PORT  Wall support with strap for Kayaks, turnable Item No. 78971   1 Pair ECKLA … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Wheels and Tires 400mm

Linch Pin Item No.: 07200 ECKLA-pneumatic wheel 400x100mm Item No.: 07120 ECKLA wheel 400x80mm puncture proof Item No.: 07150 only Tire  400x100 Item No.: 07122 Tube for wheel 400x100 Item No.: 07121 Air pump Item No.: 07155 … [Read more...]

The Catamaran Cart from ECKLA

ECKLA Catamaran Cart with adjustable wheelbase,adjustable wheelbase 140cm to 210cm, aluminium anodized,for boats with flat bottem. with 260er wheels Item No. 79959with 400er wheels Item No. 79960 ECKLA Catamaran Cart with 400er wheels. Air-pump for the wheelsItem No. 07155 ECKLA-Strap 25mm For secure attachment of your cargo on the roof rack or Boat. Tensile strength 250 kg. Made of UV-stabilized polypropylene. The clamp has a foam pad on the ECKLA straps to prevent damage … [Read more...]


The ECKLATRAK-HANDCART the universal and compact transport helper. Discover the many possibilities of this great ECKLA-HANDCART Become the proud owner of a ECKLA-HANDCART build from the German manufacturer. ECKLA-HANDCART are robust and versatile for leisure, in the garden, shopping, as well as for the transport of goods of all kinds The strong, plug-wood structure of the ECKLA-HANDCART can be disassembled without tools and requires little space in the trunk or storage. The … [Read more...]

Eckla Beach-Rolly®

  the practical transport helper for recreation and The ECKLA Beach-Rolly in use. The Eckla Beach-Rolly is the ideal transport assistance for surfboards, canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, fishing equipment, swimming stuff, drinks, ice boxes, recreational equipment and much more. For the rest Eckla Beach-Rolly simply unfolded and ready is the comfortable seat The integrated upholstery grant a high seating comfort. The Eckla Beach-Rolly has a low weight and consists of a … [Read more...]