ECKLA-FOLDY tranport cart for folding and inflatable boats.

ECKLA-FOLDY folding boat cart

Item no. 78941 with pneumatic wheels 260mm

Item No. 78944 with puncture proof wheels 260mm

Transport cart for folding and inflatable boats with pneumatic or puncture free wheel diameter 260mm, aluminum, silver anodized.

dimension unfolded: 50 x 68 x 100cm
weight 4,9 kg
loading capacity app.60 kg


Air pump for tires Item No.: 07155

Eckla pannensicheres Rad

The puncture free wheel!

Eckla Canyon – Kayak cart

ECKLA-CANYON    Kayak cart with support

Item no. 78930 with pneumatic wheels

Item No. 79940 with puncture proof wheels

A proved kayak/canoe cart for easy transport of a boat when ashore. Made of a solid high quality aluminium alloy anodized and of light weight, will not rust. With the practical support, no tipping when loading and unloading. When folded it will need only a less space under deck. The big 260×85 mm pneumatic wheels provide easy transport.

silver anodised
Dimensions unfolded: 68x38x36cm
weight 3,4 kg
Loading capacity app. 80 kg

ECKLA Canyon silver anodised

The colored Kayak cart serie from Eckla.

Item no. 79937 ECKLA CANYON 260 “colored”, Alu-Axle, Pneumatic Wheels

Item no. 79938 ECKLA CANYON 260 “colored”, Alu-Axle, with puncture free Wheels

ECKLA-Canyon with twin wheels 260mm

Item No. 07196
Stainless steel axle with 2 pneumatic wheels to additional your ECKLA Canyon cart.

Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheels.  Art. No.: 07155

Eckla Ersatz-PU Rad mit Nagel klein

The puncture free wheel.

The ECKLA Canyon in use.