ECKLAsphere swing triport with ECKLA Beanbag.

Item No.: 84000

A support that allow a optimal 3 dimensonal tracking of the camera or spotting scope on a beanbag or soft ground.
• the ECKLASPHERE generates enough space on a bean bag for easy operation of telephoto and focusing.
• quick mounting on almost all popular adapter and plates.
• including stainless steel interchangeable inserts and fixing screw , no extra parts necessary.
• aluminum / stainless steel construction suitable for nearly all systems 3/8 – 1/4 Zoll

Eckla Foto ECKLAsphere mit Kamera

The ECKLASPHERE allow photographer now to have the opportunity of an optimal 3 dimensonal tracking on a bean bag with simultaneous operation of telephoto setting and focusing.

Eckla Foto ECKLAsphere

The ECKLASPHERE was developed by many attempts in practice in size and shape so that the optimal “stability” is given with the greatest “mobility”.
It can be attached directly to the lens-foot, adapter plates or quick couplings.
Perfectly suited for ornithologists to take a spotting scope and to make absolutely quiet observations.
Even photographs or observations from the car roof or even from a pasture fence post are perfectly possible in combination on a bean bag with our ECKLASPHERE.
In cooperation with nature and wildlife photographer Dieter Porsch, we have developed the ECKLASPHERE.

Eckla Ecklashere Schwenkeinheit

The newly developed ECKLASPHERE of course fits very well to our ECKLA-EAGLE bean bag and therefore also on the
ECKLA-EAGLE camera holder for the driver’s side or on our ECKLABOARD on the passenger side.