Wall support for Boatsport


Wall support, turnable, for Surfboards

Item No. 30010    1 pair

complete with fixing set

load capacity app. 20 kg

Eckla Wandhalter Surf


Wall support, turnable, for Kayaks

Item No. 78952  1 Pair

Wall-support with paddle-holder turnable for Kayaks complete with fixing-set.

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter KAYAK-SOFT-PORT 78971


Wall support with strap for Kayaks, turnable

Item No. 78971   1 Pair

ECKLA kayak-wall-support with strap and paddle-holder, turnable use less space in the room when the support flat on the wall folded is, incl. fixing set

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter KAYAK-SOFT-PORT 78971

Eckla Ersatz Kajak Nachrüstset Gurt für Wandhalter 78972
Wall support belt retrofit
for Wall-support 78952
Item No. 78972  
1 Pair


Wall support for Canoes

Item No. 78976  1 Pair

ECKLA canoe-wall-support, turnable, incl. fixxing set, steplessly adjustable range betweeen  55 up to 85 cm
loading capacity app. 35 kg

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter ECKLA-CANOE-PORT 78976


Wall support for cargo boxes

Item No. 78550   1 Pair

Universal wall-support for roof boxes and much more. The wall support is in width steplessly adjustable 25-45 cm
Load-capacity app. 30 kg.

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter Cargo Port ohne Dachbox

Eckla® Kayak wall support Soft XL

Item No. 78979

new wide self-supporting wall mounts for kayaks or similar boats.

Load-capacity app. 30 kg

Eckla Kajak-Wandhalter Kajak-SOFT XL 78979


Item No. 78996

Smart solution to store Kayaks, Canoes, Surfboards or Roof Boxxes in your garage.

Easily handable only from one person.

Load capacity app. 60 kg

Eckla Kajak-Deckenlift gesamt Surfboard,