Toptrim from Eckla

Windsurf Accessoires


Item no. 96010 Toptrimm  plastic

Ø 36 mm.complete with adapter hull Ø 32 mm.

This toptrim, plastics, combines the good looking topcap with 2 integrated brass pulleys and the “microcleat” created by ECKLA. For 36 mm mast. Delivered with adapter hull 93010 for the 32 mm mast. This toptrimm can be adjusted in the height by top extensions 32210 etc.


Item no. 92010 Top-Cap

Great looking Top-Cap, plastics. Low price solution, with adapter hull for
32 mm diameter. The trimming of the sails is done from the bottom. With our top extension the Vario top cap can be adjusted in the height by top extension 32210 etc.
Art. 82110 Top Cap without hull Ø 38 mm
Art. 92110 Top Cap without hull Ø36 mm
Art. 93010 Adapterhull Ø32 mm


Item no. 92510 Top cap

 with bed for belt
A revolutionary top cap with a special bed for a top belt and the ropes. There is also a longitudinal slot to give flexibility to adjust the cap to the mast diameter.