Metamo Multifunctional handcart

The Metamo is a newly designed, extremely variable and versatile multifunctional wagon for all leisure and outdoor fans.

Metamo multifunctional handcart
Metamo – variable and versatile multifunctional handcart

Overview of the Metamo functions

The main function of the Metamo is the transport of leisure or picnic needs, shopping, crates of drinks, toys or simply your belongings. When shopping, at the festival, on the beach, when barbecuing, but also on a family or Father’s Day hike, the Metamo is your loyal transport helper.

In addition, the Metamo has other, versatile uses. It can be converted into a grill and table or used in heavy-duty mode with a protective mat or additional bag. Finally, the Metamo handcart can be folded up to save space and stowed away compactly.

Metamo Funktionen
“Metamo” comes from metamorphosis, which means something like transformation and offers many functions and uses.
Metamo as a handcart and truck.
Metamo as a table.
Metamo, the most variable multifunctional handcart for all leisure and outdoor fans. Handcart, table, grill - and that wasn't all!
Metamo as a grill.

Metamo in the media

Metamo Homepage & Shop

Metamo Homepage & Shop

Bicycle pull bar for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly®

With the new Bicycle pull bar is it possible to pull your ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with your Bicycle where you want. Simply attach your Beach-Rolly® to your bike. You need only the pull bar and the coupling No. 79976.

Pull bar for ECKLA Beach-Rolly® Item No. 55595
ECKLA Fahrradanhänger-Kupplung für die Sattelstütze
Coupling for saddle supports from 26 – 32 mm

Item No. 79976

ECKLA Luftrad 260mm mit Kugellager
Pneumatic Wheel 260 mm with steel ball bearings

Item No. 07147

for upgrade your ECKLA Beach-Rolly

ECKLA Trimbelt

3,0 meter Item No. 46010
4,5 meter Item No. 47010

Eckla Beach-Rolly Gepäcknetz für Beach-Rolly 77746
Chargo net
for ECKLA Beach-Rolly®

Item No. 77746

including 10 fixing hooks

ECKLA-Express, foldable Handcart

Eckla “Express” Handcart colour green / red
Eckla “Express” Handcart colour blue / red
ECKLA “Express” Handcart Blue / silver

ECKLA Express Handcart

Colour: green / red
Item No. 75300 pneumatic wheel
Item No. 75400 puncture proof wheels

Colour: blue / red
Item No. 75320 pneumatic wheel
Item No. 75420 puncture proof wheels

Colour: blue / silver
Item No. 75370 pneumatic wheel
Item No. 75470 puncture proof wheels

Strong, lightweight and foldable, it fits the ECKLA-Express into any trunk of a car. Equipped with a padded cover with sufficient storage space.
The ECKLA-Express Handcart is easily foldable and unfoldable without tools. Available with pneumatic or puncture-proof tires.

Requires little space for storage in the garage. Equipped with high-quality steel fittings, Length adjustable drawbar, steering stop limiter.

ECKLA-Express Brakes and a roof are still available as accessories.

Weight approx. 16 kg
Dimensions outside 115x55x65 cm
Loading area 82×45 cm

ECKLA Express Handcart

Item No. :       75350

Handbrake with maual Lock
Item No.:       77856

ECKLA-Express Handcart spare parts see “Service”

Eckla Express Bollerwagen blau + grün
The Express Handcart in blue und green

Replacement parts

Under SERVICE you will find spare parts for the ECKLATRAK Express folding cart.

ECKLA Property rights
ECKLA products and names may have property rights!

Tricycle from Eckla

The new ECKLA-Tricycle No. 67000 is a great play and fun factor for small and large children. The tricycle is so concepiert that it can be used as an accessory for the carts.

The big front wheels with a diameter of 400 mm and 260mm rear allow handling also for large children too.

Suitable is the tricycle for children aged 3-7 years.

Semitrailer device

Item No. 67150

for the tricycle to retrofit. Suitable for attaching an ECKLA cart.
Except with rear axle steering!

Handlebar adapter for ECKLA-tricycle

Item No. 67110

With this handlebar adapter, the drawbar of the Bollerwagens can be attached to the tricycle.

The tricycle can be pulled by means of the wagon pull rod.

Spare Parts see “Service”

ECKLA Handcarts – Accessoires


for the “EASY” Trailer
Item-No. 77813 red uni
Item-No. 77823 red,
western wagon

for the “Long” Trailer
Item-No. 77814 red uni
Item-No. 77824 red,
western wagon

for the  “XXL” Trailer
Item-No. 77824 red uni

Between board with strips
Item-No. 77829

Handbrake with maual Lock
Item-No. 77856

for all new type Handcart from Eckla

Luggage bag (water proof) 
for Hand-cart including fixing set
also usable as bike panniers

Item no. 77850

proudly produced by Ortlieb Germany

Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheels  Item No. 07155

Spare Parts see “Service”

ECKLA Handcarts – Types

Item-No. 77800
with pneumatic wheels
Item-No. 77802
with puncture proof wheels

length 70 cm,
able to be taken apart
700 x 550 x 600mm
pneumatic wheel
Ø 260 x 85 mm
Carrying capacity: app. 150 kg

Item-No. 77900 with pneumatic wheels
Item-No. 77902 with puncture proof wheels

length 100 cm,
able to be taken apart
1000 x 550 x 600mm
pneumatic wheel
Ø 260 x 85 mm
Carrying capacity: app. 150 kg

. 77810 with pneumatic wheels
Item-No. 77860 with puncture proof wheels

length 120 cm, able to be taken apart
dimensions: 1200 x 550 x 600mm
wheel Ø 260 x 85 mm
Carrying capacity: ca. 150 kg

Carts with rear-wheel steering

Eckla Bollerwagen ECKLA FUN Long Trailer 77820 nR

Item-No. 77820
with pneumatic wheels
Item-No. 77906 with puncture proof wheels

length 100 cm, able to be taken apart, with rear-wheel steering
dimensions: 1000 x 550 x 600mm
wheel Ø 260 x 85 mm
Carrying capacity: app. 150 kg

Item-No. 77811 with pneumatic wheels
Item-No. 77870 with puncture proof wheels

length 120 cm, able to be taken apart, with rear-wheel steering
dimensions: 1200 x 550 x 600mm
wheel Ø 260 x 85 mm
Carrying capacity: ca. 150 kg

the puncture proof wheel

Spareparts your’ll find in service

ECKLA Beach-Rolly®

  the practical transport helper for recreation and leisure time.

Eckla Beach-Rolly Eckla04 N-Zealand
The ECKLA Beach-Rolly® in use.

The Eckla Beach-Rolly®

is the ideal transport assistance for surfboards, canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, fishing equipment, swimming stuff, drinks, ice boxes, recreational equipment and much more.

For the rest Eckla Beach-Rolly® simply unfolded and ready is the comfortable seat.

The integrated upholstery grant a high seating comfort.

The Eckla Beach-Rolly® has a low weight and consists of a stable, non rusted aluminum construction.

The wide pneumatic wheels are specially for sand and loose gravel and allow them a convenient transportation.

When folded it needs only a less space in the trunk.

“BEACH-ROLLY” is a Registered Trade Mark!

Eckla Beach-Rolly 067 Angler

for fishing…  

Eckla Beach-Rolly Pferde

or horse riding sports…    

Eckla Beach-Rolly Foto

for photographers…     

Eckla Beach-Rolly

just for sports…           

Eckla Beach-Rolly Tauchsport

diving …         

Eckla Beach-Rolly  Eckla Langwaffe

or professional shooters…    

Eckla Beach-Rolly® Models

The “Original” made in Germany since 1993

The ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with different colours
blue / yellowoliv / beigeblue uniblue / green

Eckla Beach-Rolly® Standard

blue/yellowArt.-Nr. 55500 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55505 puncture proof wheels
olivgreenArt.-Nr. 55550 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55560 puncture proof wheels
blue uniArt.-Nr. 77710 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 77915 puncture proof wheels
blue/greenArt.-Nr. 77720 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 77920 puncture proof wheels

Eckla Beach-Rolly® with Roof

ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with roof
blue / yellowoliv / beigeblue uniblue / green
blue/yellowArt.-Nr. 55520 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55530 puncture proof wheels
olivgreen  Art.-Nr. 55551 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 55570 puncture proof wheels
blue uni  Art.-Nr. 77712 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 79917 puncture proof wheels
blue/greenArt.-Nr. 77721 pneumatic wheelsArt.-Nr. 79922 puncture proof wheels
Size unfolded:length 70cm, width 68cm, height 110cm
Seat approximately:46 x 37cm
Material seat cover:polyester / 5% PVC

The ECKLA “Beach-Rolly®” is the “original” and we are developed and manufacture it in Germany since 1993.

The name “Beach-Rolly®” is protected as a trademark.

ECKLA Multi-Rolly

The special transport help for photographer, fishing, shooting and more.

ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY  pneumatic wheels
Including Multi holding bar     Item No.      77965
without Multi holding bar Item No. 77960

ECKLA-MULTI-ROLLY  puncture proof wheels      
including Multi holding bar Item No.     77975
without Multi holding bar Item No. 77970


The Multi-Holder is perfectly for fixing tripods, rifles or fishing rods.

Item No.  77961

The holding hooks can be used as a filing system or as a holder for bags or backpacks.

The transport area is secured with a linch pin against unintentional folding.


Bottle holder 

A bottle holder with velcro is available as an addition.

Item No.  77752

The ECKLA-Multi-Rolly is completely foldable and needs only a small space in your trunk.


Universal cargo net

to save your goods.

Item No.  77746

The ECKLA Campingboy

Universal transport helper for camping and leasure.

The ECKLA-CAMPINGBOY was developed particularly for the heavy camping- and leasure employment.

The dimension is specially designed for gas bottles, water containers and to the often used Thetford cartridge C2-C4 adapters. The cartridges without to tighten simply only inserted, exactly like the gas bottles (11kg Ø 300mm). For suitable seat by cartridge and gas bottle put up only the rear covering. For all further cargoes such as water and waste water tanks or with the use as a trolley the covering remains down. The car is equipped for the soft run with wheels supplied with pneumatic tires Ø 200mm. The wheels are fast removed thanks quick-locking mechanisms. The easy-weight Campingboy is made from thick-walled, anodized aluminum tubes.

Dimension folded up: 105x47x7cm with removed wheels.

Item No.: 77600 pneumatic wheels, wheel color: yellow
Item No.: 77620 puncture proof wheels, wheel color: yellow

Accessoires for the ECKLA-CAMPINGBOY:

Accessoires for the ECKLA-CAMPINGBOY:

Shopping bag      
Item No. 77605
color blue / green

Spare parts see Service.