ECKLA Handcart


the universal and compact transport helper.

Discover the many possibilities of this great ECKLA-HANDCART

Become the proud owner of a ECKLA-HANDCART build from the German manufacturer.

ECKLA-HANDCART are robust and versatile for leisure, in the garden, shopping, as well as for the transport of goods of all kinds The strong, plug-wood structure of the ECKLA-HANDCART can be disassembled without tools and requires little space in the trunk or storage.

The pneumatic wheels are only check problems with a quick and sealed.

The HANDCARTS of ECKLA is used by thousands of satisfied families.

He also serves as a rental handcart in many public recreational parks and zoos.

This proves the high quality and durability.

The new ECKLA-FUN-TRAILER with its special all steer wheels drive, much fun to play and is the cart for long narrow curves.


equipped with high-quality multi-layer wood for high loads and longevity

all  ECKLA-HANDCART equipped with extendable steplessly handle.


can be  completely disassembled without tools and need only a less space in your trunk.


the puncture proof wheel.

Spare Parts see “Service”

ECKLATRAK with trycicle

Eckla Beach-Rolly® Accessoires

Sunroof for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with Windbreak

Item No. 77723 colour blue

only Windbreak and neck protection
Item No. 55514

Sunroof for the ECKLA Beach-Rolly® with Windbreak

Item No. 77729
colour olivegreen

only Windbreak and neck protection
Item No. 55513

Eckla Beach-Rolly  Kopfstütze blau 77725
Neckrest blue

Item No. 77725
Neckrest olivegreen

Item No. 77706
Eckla Beach-Rolly Kopfstütze beige 77706
Eckla Beach-Rolly Gepäcknetz für Beach-Rolly 77746

Cargo net for Eckla Beach-Rolly®, elastic
Item No. 77746

colour black with 10 fixing Hooks

Loading bar for ECKLA Beach-Rolly®, foldable for bigger baggage

Item No. 77754 blue
Item No. 77747 olivegreen

Twin wheels for ECKLA Beach-Rolly®
Item No. 07196
Delivery only axle with two wheels. The other two wheels use of your Beach-Rolly.

Whether on the beach or on the lawn, twice tires ensures a smooth running.

Bottle holder with velcro fastener

Item No. 77742 blue
Item No. 77752 olivegreen

Eckla Flaschenhalter Beach-Rolly 77749
Eckla Beach-Rolly neu zusatzbügel1

Additional bar for shift point of gravitiy and horizontal loading for ECKLA Beach-Rolly.

Cannot be used simultaneously with the sun roof!

Item No. 77759

Additional bar for ECKLA Beach-Rolly®
Raincover for Eckla Beach-Rolly®, blue

Item No. 77400

Reliable protection for your cargo when it rain, with Bag.

Raincover for Eckla Beach-Rolly®, Olive

Item No. 77300

Reliable protection for your cargo when it rain, with Bag.

Multi-holding bar for Eckla Beach-Rolly® and Eckla Multi-Rolly

Item No. 77961

The Multi-holding bar retaining strip keeps your long goods (fishing, tripods, etc.) has a secure grip. Recordings adjustable in width.

Multi-Rolly Multi Halter 77961
Eckla Beach-Rolly 77710 mit Griffverlängerung 77711

Extension for the Eckla Beach-Rolly® Handle.

Extend the handle 30cm

Item No. 77711

Spare seat cover for Eckla Beach-Rolly®.

Item No. 77713 blue

Item No. 77722 blue/green

Item No. 55522 blue/yellow

Item No. 55554 olivgreen

further Spareparts see service.