Bike Carriers Vehicle List


The car brands and types listed below have been tested for the attachment of our ECKLA rear carrier Porty and ECKLA rear carrier Grizzly (this does not apply to special models with spoilers, tailgates that differ from the standard model or made of plastic, unless listed!).

The stability of the vehicle could not be checked. Do not hang the hook in the glass. See also section Regulations and Recommendations and the additional Notes More Information. Other vehicle types on request.

You can easily filter out the vehicle you are looking for in the following ECKLA rear carrier vehicle list. To do this, enter the desired car brand, vehicle type, type or year of construction in the search field.

ECKLA rear carrier Porty/Grizzly vehicle list

Note on the ECKLA rear carrier vehicle list:

* = If the year of construction says “from …..” (e.g. from 1998), the model that was built identically from this year is meant and there was no newer model at the time of recording.

Regulations and recommendations:

A second outside mirror is required when using rear carriers.
The simultaneous operation of a trailer and a rear carrier system is not permitted.
The vehicle driver must regularly check the attachment of the rear carrier system.
The load attached to the rear of the vehicle must not lead to the permissible axle load being exceeded.
The goods to be transported must not protrude significantly beyond the edge of the vehicle on the right or left.
Permitted according to StVO: Distance from the outer point of the transported goods to the center of the rear light no more than 40 cm. Vehicles with a load must not be wider than 2.50 m.
The bicycles must not be covered with tarpaulins or similar during transport (high wind loads).
Lost parts e.g. B. Remove the air pump.

More information:

Note on hatchback vehicles with rear windows on the left and right up to the edge of the rear door:
The ECKLA Porty comes standard with a set with instructions with which the side straps can be easily moved down. Then hang the retaining straps below the rear window on the left / right in the sheet metal, not in the window!
Suitability may be limited or not given in the case of:
(Special) models with large spoilers / wind deflectors, tailgate or tailgate made of plastic that differ in shape from the standard model, if not listed. Retaining straps must not be hung in plastic or glass. Vehicles with taillights on the side of the rear window are also unsuitable (would be covered by wheels).

All information in the ECKLA rear carrier vehicle list has been carefully checked.
Subject to errors and changes.
Please observe the instructions for use before and during assembly !!!