ECKLA Soft-Top und ECKLA Pacific


The ECKLA – Softtop


Boat Cart with soft overlay for save transport, dismontable. with support and wheels 260mm, weight 4,2 kg.

Artikel-Nr. 78800 with pneumatic tire
Artikel-Nr. 78912 with puncture proof tire

78800 Eckla-Softtop 260 (2014)klein  wz

ECKLA – Pacific Endcart

complete stainless steel, wheel 260mm, easy fixing with integrated elastic rubber band

Artikel-Nr. 79980 with pneumatic tire
Artikel-Nr. 79981 with puncture proof tires

Pacific Kajakwagen WZ

Air Pump with integrated hode, for pneumatic wheeels Art. No. 07155 Luftpumpge klein 07155
The puncture proof wheel! PU Rad mit Nagel klein