Windsurfing Eckla

ECKLA-Follower the new Bicycle-Trailer for Canoes, Kayak’s and Surfboard’s

Eckla-Follower with Trailer "Expedition" ECKLA-Follower with Boat ECKLA-Follower is the new bicycle pull rod for transporting kayaks, canoes and surfboards. The bicycle pull rod ECKLA-Follower together with a Eckla-Explorer or ECKLA-Canyon becomes a practical trailer for the bicycle. The length and the height is adjustable. ECKLA-Follower Item. No.: 77000 without Cart ECKLA-Canyon with SteelbearingsECKLA-Explorer with Steelbearings ECKLA-Canyon Item. No.: 79975 and … [Read more...]

ECKLA® SUP Accessories and carts

SUP attachment for ECKLA-Canyon for 3 boards Item No. 77030 (Without the kayak canyon!) Up to 3 boards can be transported upright with the new SUP attachment. Ideal for schools, clubs etc .. ECKLA SUP- attachment ORKCA-Florida SUP trolley for a SUP board with EVA foam wheels. The long-standing part is guided through the loop so that the car does not tip over. Product No.: 1295 ORKCA-California SUP trolley for a plastic board with EVA foam wheels. Product … [Read more...]

ECKLA-Boardseat, Paddle-attachment for SUP or Surfboards

ECKLA-BOARDSEAT Paddle attachment for SUP- and Surfboards, quickly adjustable to body size, lightweight aluminium construction, the soft seat can be attached easily to each board by using straps, it has a footrest for transmitting power of the paddle movement perfectly, ideal for paddling fun, not only on windless days!... complet with straps. Item No. 75000 Paddle, divisible of plastic for the ECKLA-Boardseat Art. Nr. 75050 spare parts see under "Service" For Sup und … [Read more...]

Mastsleeve, Rope Cleats und Adapter from Eckla

ECKLA Windsurf Accessoires      1.) Item no. 33100 Mast sleeve, stainless steel, 50% covering the mast, well manufactured in high polish, round edges, of sea water proof inox. Steel. 2.) Item no. 42530 Mast sleeve aluminium anod. black, 50% covering the mast 3.) Item no. 42510  Mast sleeve aluminium 50% covering the mast, solid, can be clipped on or off. Anod. silver Rope cleats 1.) Item no. 70230 Rope cleat CL 250 2.) Item no. 70210 Rope … [Read more...]

Anti Theft Protection for Surfboards from Eckla®

ECKLA®Windsurf Accessoires Art. no. 24000 ECKLAGUARD "US" NEW Anti-theft device suitable for SUP or surfboard with US fin case. The metal design makes the anti-theft device very strong. With this anti-theft device, the board can be attached to the vehicle or a tree using a steel cable or a padlock. With the recess in the picture on the right, you can even secure the fin. ECKLAGUARD "US" can also be shortened for tight spaces at the end of the slot (see picture). The … [Read more...]

Trimm Handles from Eckla

Windsurf Accessoires Trim Handles  Item no. 79910 ECKLA-ALU-Trim-Handle Aluminium Trim HandleA solid trim handle - full aluminium silver coated - fit to apply highest tension. The rope cleat is part of the mold. The handle is shaped anatomically to the fist and allows a most optimal and comfortable trimming. In display box. Item no. 79710  ECKLA-POWER-TRIM ECKLA-POWER-TRIM A new comfortable aluminum trim handle for both hands. The soft plastic coating is … [Read more...]

ECKLA Toptrim

Windsurf Accessoires Item no. 96010 Toptrimm  plastic Ø 36 mm.complete with adapter hull Ø 32 mm. This toptrim, plastics, combines the good looking topcap with 2 integrated brass pulleys and the “microcleat” created by ECKLA. For 36 mm mast. Delivered with adapter hull 93010 for the 32 mm mast. This toptrimm can be adjusted in the height by top extensions 32210 etc. Item no. 92010 Top-Cap Great looking Top-Cap, plastics. Low price solution, with adapter hull for32 mm … [Read more...]

Pulley Hooks from Eckla

Windsurf Accessoires Item no. 14450 Heavy-Duty ALU-Trim-Hook with 3 pulleys, forged Due to the steadily increasing tensions from the sails, always higher demands are made on the hooks. To meet these higher standards, we have improved considerably our 3-pulley-hook. This new quality hook is forged of a special aluminium alloy, therefore very strong. Available in several assorted anodized colours, and fitted with 3 brass pulleys. Item no. 14550 Heavy-Duty … [Read more...]

Mast Extensions from Eckla

Windsurf Accessoires Item no. 09030   Mast Extension SHORTY Simple extension, silver anodized, no holes, of 35 cm length, offering a good price for the high performance. Fix Mast Extension Ø 48 mm Item no. 35110 15 cm silverItem no. 35210 25 cm silverItem no. 35310 35 cm silverItem no. 35410 45 cm silverMade of tough highly resistent special aluminum, diameter Ø 48 mm 1.)Item no. 37110 Adapters, no spring, plastic Ø 48 … [Read more...]

ECKLA Mast Trim Adapter

Windsurf Accessoires Item no. 57000   Mastadapter WaveThe brand new ECKLA-WAVE adapter comes with a big button on the frontside for a easy handling. Of course it was designed also for using hooks with maximum 4 pulleys. Item no. 6510    Quickadapter  heavy performance, very elegant design in black, built-in metal, cleat and 3 brass pullies, with stainless steel pin. One hand operation, with perfect slide bolt. It cannot release by … [Read more...]